Going virtual? Go first class for an economy price tag

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20 October 2020

Looking to add a virtual element to your group exercise timetable? You’re in very good company: data from around the world indicates that, since re-opening, demand for in-club virtual group exercise has risen significantly.

And that’s because the momentum is now coming from both sides:

  • Clubs, faced with reduced studio capacity, need a cost-effective way to deliver more classes, to cater for all those wanting to take part in group exercise.
  • Members are now familiar and comfortable with following an on-screen lead – the result of an uptick in online class consumption during the months of lockdown.

So, the question is no longer: ‘Should we create a virtual studio?’

It’s: ‘Who do we partner with to create the best virtual studio?’

And the answer is Wexer. Here’s why.


It’s the most cost-effective

With Wexer, there are no hidden extras or complicated pricing tiers: just one flat-rate monthly subscription that gives you unlimited access to every class on our platform.

Even better, we’ll give you a Wexer Virtual player – worth US$3,000 – for free. By our calculations, that makes our package around 50% cheaper over the period of the contract than our nearest competitor.


It’s the most reliable

Our Free Player promotion is effectively a first-class upgrade for an economy fare – an opportunity for you to experience the unparalleled reliability of the Wexer platform, all at a price point that makes the decision a remarkably simple one.

We know you need a system that just works. All of the time. Hassle-free, glitch-free, headache-free. And this is an area in which we’re unbeatable, with stats that speak for themselves: across all our clients in more than 50 countries, our system is up and running more than 99.9% of the time. Any problems that do occur, we pledge to respond within three hours. It’s a badge of honour we wear with pride, and one we don’t believe anyone else can lay claim to.

What we won’t have to do is keep coming back to fine-tune and upgrade your player. We do continually innovate, reviewing our technology daily to maintain its market-leading status, and sending remote software upgrades to bring you exciting new features and classes. But the hardware itself – our dedicated, industrial-grade platform – is the best and most robust on the market. It’s technology you can place your trust in, which is why many of the world’s largest operators continue to use it, even when they create their own content. Why reinvent the perfect wheel?


It has the best functionality

We’ve designed all our back-end software ourselves: purpose-built support software that delivers what you need in a simple, reliable way, with an incredibly user-friendly interface.

Putting your timetable together is made easy with our ‘drag and drop’ scheduling, while uploading marketing content into the system for pre- and post-class advertising couldn’t be simpler. There’s also robust reporting that monitors class attendance in real time – a great tool to help you refine not only virtual but also live class timetables based on actual usage.

Meanwhile, our smart-loading tool helps you keep your group exercise offering fresh and 100% relevant to your members. This AI-based technology analyses the virtual class usage at your club, identifying content on your Wexer Player that is older and no longer used. This is then extracted from the system and automatically replaced with the latest class releases; of course, any virtual classes in your current schedule will be protected, as will all popular classes, however old they might be. This further drives the efficient running of your Wexer system, avoiding your Player becoming slowed down by content you don’t use.

And as we say, we keep innovating all the time. We believe even world-class can always be made better, so we’ll keep bringing you new features and enhanced functionality to drive an even greater experience for yourselves and your members.


It has the best support team

Last but absolutely not least, we’re there for you throughout your contract with us – not just at the beginning – with 24/7 tech support and ongoing account management.

From a tech perspective, our automated monitoring system checks our platform 24/7, worldwide, to minimise any issues. And if there are any problems, we attend to them very quickly and proficiently: we commit to responding within three hours, with most issues resolved within 24 hours; 50% are resolved within the first three hours of being reported. We’re also on-hand 24/7 to resolve any tech queries you might have.

And then our account management team? We like to think of them as our customer success team, because that’s their brief: to play a key role in your success by offering expert advice and guidance at every step of your Virtual journey, from installation to implementation, scheduling to ongoing marketing.

Complementing this is our new knowledge centre: an online resource where you’ll find everything you could want to know about your Wexer tech, from the basics of getting started through to best-practice promotion and data analysis. With everything from video tutorials to feature highlights, technical support articles to ‘bang for your buck’ advice, you can check in at any time to see how to do something on the system, or simply to keep yourself updated on the latest features and innovations to make sure you aren’t missing out on any opportunities.

Long and short of it: we won’t simply leave you to your own devices. Cliché as it may sound, your success is our success, and together we’ll work in partnership towards that goal.


Contact Wexer today and we’ll help you create a world-class Virtual GX offering at your club – all for a price tag that won’t be beaten for value.


AuthorRobert Louw