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Heart rate monitoring without the handcuffs.


  • Wexer Beat is a heart rate monitoring solution for group exercise classes without the handcuffs
  • A highly flexible heart rate monitoring system that is brand-agnostic
  • Participants’ heart rates are projected on the big screen at the front of the studio, with colour-coded tiles indicating how hard each member is working

Why ExcercisersLove it

  • A brand-agnostic heart rate monitoring solution that allows members to connect to the system using any bluetooth heart rate monitor
  • Members can see their actual effort and workout data – eg heart rate, calories burned – in real time
    Exercisers want instant feedback
  • Adding a competition element to classes can make them more fun and engaging


  • Provides gamification capability for your group exercise studio as members can see their actual effort and workout data – eg heart rate, calories burned – in real time
  • Differentiate your live classes and make them more engaging for exercisers

  • It can be activated instantly, at any club
  • Wexer Beat allows operators to partner with any hardware provider to upsell heart rate monitoring belts to exercisers
  • No additional hardware needed

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