Body BikeSwitch

A new world-class indoor cycling experience – your bike your ride – any time anywhere.


  • Standalone product to harness the power of group cycling outside of a studio space
  • Integrated screen gives access to a specially curated, pre-loaded collection of Wexer’s best virtual cycling classes
  • Optional 180° swivel on the screen allows for floor-based training in front of the bike, where appropriate

Operator Benefits

  • Offer an immersive group cycling experience, even without a studio space
  • Complement the Wexer class library with your own live streamed and on-demand content
  • Earn additional revenue by selling the bike for at-home use

  • Option to white label the bike with your own branding
  • Choose from 10 colours for the casing, plus an option to custom-design the service hatches


  • Smart charge – Generate power with every pedal stroke – power for data transfer and for your mobile device
  • 180º screen swivel – Allows for floor-based training in front of the bike where appropriate
  • Smart adjustments – Easy fine-tuning to find the perfect fit
  • Accurate watt measurement – Direct force measurement: No estimations
  • Smart power position – Saddle post position optimised for maximum power output
  • Smart build – Craftsmanship from initial design to the finished product

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