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5 Technology Trends To Optimize Digital Transformation


Wexer CEO Paul Bowman interviews Allison Mataya about the trends that will help to optimize digital transformation in the health, fitness, and wellness industry. Technology continues to advance rapidly, so get ready to leverage digital innovation.

“We’ve seen that businesses that double down on technology innovation have become hugely successful.”

— Allison Mataya —

Allison Mataya is the Managing Director of DMI (Digital Management, LLC). DMI is a digital consultancy that creates solutions to business problems and provides technology applications. They combine their technical expertise and business strategy with a collaborative mentality to challenge the way people think about digital transformation. Their mission is to put people first and create intelligent digital experiences that change people’s lives.

Mataya share the major trends in the convergence of technology and digital innovation to provide the perfect way to optimize digital transformation in the fitness and wellness industries.

5 Technology Trends That Will Optimize Digital Transformation

1. Convergence of Mature and New Technology

Convergence is arguably the big trend in technology right now – the mixing of mature and new technologies to drive advancements in a way that isn’t wasteful. Technological convergence is a term that describes bringing previously unrelated technologies together, often in a single device like the smartphone.

For businesses, technological convergence means companies are more easily able to connect to their customers and to learn more about customer’s buying habits. Technological convergence helps consumers use devices in the way that best meets their needs, while creating Innovation and reduced costs.

2. Leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being used in many ways by organizations to innovate, improve, and scale up. AI is making a positive impact on fitness member-based businesses by helping them accelerate their digital transformation. AI constantly learns from the data it analyses, anticipating customer behavior from it. By doing so, fitness brands can create valuable content, boost revenue, and enhance customer experiences.

With all the data being collected about fitness members with Customer Relation Management (CRM) systems and smart fitness devices and fitness apps, businesses can quickly take action based on the data collected with today’s digital technologies.

3. Personalised Wellness And Fitness Content

The future of wellness and fitness content will be important. According to McKinsey Research, only 40% of personalised messages are effective.  You need to improve the content you are producing to create engaging and personal customer experiences or you risk alienating customers.

Also realize AI can only take your content so far. Julia McCoy, VP of Content Marketing at Scale Brands, referenced that AI is only a tool to help brands scale production, as it will generate tons of low-quality content if you aren’t enhancing the content. Companies will need to go the extra step to create original, human-researched content from AI to stand out.

4. Apply “Lean UX” to Improve The Customer User Experience (UX)

Lean UX is a model development process to efficiently improve the customer user experience. UX refers to the entire interaction you have with a product, including how you feel about the interaction. Lean UX should be at the heart of all new technology innovation and development. You should focus Lean UX principles on gaining valuable feedback from users about the technology they want and need. Your success depends on how well you apply these principles to bring about the desired customer experience.

5. Leverage The Virtual Metaverse

After the pandemic, remote workplaces created a desire for technology to help transform virtual work and communication. To optimize the digital transformation, you need the right tools for people to train, collaborate, and work in the new virtual world. The fundamentals of the metaverse that help you gain the most traction include well developed communication skills, a strong support system, and an established process for everyone to follow.

“There is innovation to be had in every company.”

— Allison Mataya —

Digital Transformation Prediction For The Fitness Industry

Health, wellness, and fitness companies are in a perfect spot to leverage AI and data to accelerate digital transformation. Accessing all the data from connected users will help to speed up technology innovation and improve consumer health and wellness experiences.

Listen to episode 17 of The Wexer Podcast where Allison shares how to drive personalised customer user experiences (UX) with brands by leveraging data, technology, and content.

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