Digital fitness: Why you shouldn’t plan 2019 without it

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28 November 2018

Are you busy planning for 2019?

What will you be putting in place to convert those new arrivals in January, to help them shape an exercise routine that works for them, and to retain them in your community over the long-term?

Whatever other solutions you might be proposing for these age-old challenges, consider this: digital is the one truly indispensable part of the jigsaw.

Let’s start with virtual classes – shown to be a decisive factor for those choosing which gym to join. They’re also a great stepping stone into live classes for anyone initially lacking confidence in the group exercise environment. And, of course, group exercise has been shown time and again to boost retention; what better way to drive member engagement than through a world-class, round-the-clock class schedule? Virtual fitness really is a sales conversion, routine-building and retention-boosting tool all rolled into one.

And the opportunities presented by digital don’t end there, with numerous in-club and remote opportunities to enhance the member experience.

Indeed, tech can sit behind every member touchpoint, in turn shaping everything from the way we speak to them through to the products we design for them and the way we deliver those products.

Digital memberships, for example, allow clubs to open up their services to members wherever they are and whenever they want to train – a great way to retain those who question their ability to make it to the club regularly. The club remains the hub of expertise, advice, content creation and in-person experiences; the mobile phone becomes the portal through which all of this is available whenever members can’t make it in person.

Meanwhile, imagine a scenario in which a series of beacons in your club connect with the user data gathered by your app. The outcome: highly targeted messages that are so personalised to the member that they act as a health club concierge service. It’s a great way of saying to the member: ‘We know you, we understand your needs, we’re here to help.’ The member’s response: loyalty to their club because they feel looked after.

So, digital fitness isn’t just a ‘nice to have’ add-on. It’s a vital tool in staying ahead of the competition – indeed, in staying relevant to consumers at all in a world where the personalisation and 24/7 access are expected.

And the market agrees: Wexer’s customer base grew by over 300% in 2018 and expanded across 5 additional countries.

Don’t get left behind.

Make 2019 the year you go digital.

To find out more about embracing digital in 2019, contact the Wexer team here


AuthorDaniel Waide