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3 August 2021

Wexer is delighted to announce another new Channel launch on its ‘any time, anywhere, any connected device’ Web Player.

A quick catch-up on what Channels is: it’s a feature in the Web Player where leading fitness influencers and content providers are offered their own channel, into which they can regularly upload fresh new workouts. The channels featured on the home page are the ones with the most recent updates, so channel partners are motivated to update their content regularly – which in turn, means there’s always something new for end users to try.

And the latest Channel partner, launching onto the Wexer platform with an initial 32 classes, is Group HIIT.

Created in 2015 by founders Amelia and Marlena, Group HIIT set out to provide an affordable, accessible online tool offering workouts that require little to no equipment.

All the workouts are designed using HIIT protocols – periods of hard work followed by short rests – but are created to provide a simple starting point for beginners, or indeed anyone who wants an easy-to-follow workout they can take at their own pace.

Adopting a circuit-type approach to training, all Group HIIT workouts are based on a series of exercises – each separated by a short rest or moment of active recovery – that you do repeatedly while a timer counts down. Within that time, you take the exercise at your own pace, doing as little or as much as you can.

There’s no complex choreography – just one easy-to-follow exercise at a time – but each workout is still custom-designed to work various muscle groups and maximise results within a short period of time.

Another great feature of the Group HIIT workouts is that, with the exercises so easy to follow, the videos require no verbal cueing from the instructor. Nor is there any music – just beeps from the timer – which means you can play your own favourite playlist.

If you’re doing the workout with friends, this lack of narrative also means you’re free to interact with each other, offering help and encouragement, without worrying about talking over the instructor.

Indeed, it was this social use – bringing together groups to exercise together – that Amelia and Marlena had in mind when they first came up with the Group HIIT concept back in 2015.

Of the 32 launch videos, 23 are already available on the Web Player, with the rest to follow over the coming weeks. Workout options range from 20–30-minute full-body workouts down to shorter, more targeted workouts such as the 5-minute Ab Workout Finisher, 5-minute Cardio for Weight Loss & Fat Burn and Plank & Stabilization Workout – which means there are great options to mix and match, too, or simply squeeze in a “something is always better than nothing” quickie workout in a short break from your desk.

For more information please contact us at info@wexer.com

AuthorMorten Andersen