How to increase your group X attendance with 10 %

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4 August 2015

We have recently conducted a research on members’ habits & preferences and discovered some interesting facts about the reasons why some members refrain from doing GX classes.

Overall, 10% of all gym members don’t do group exercise because the live classes offered by their gyms don’t match their preferences.

We asked those members who do not engage in group exercise to find out why.  It turns out 10% of all members don’t do group exercise because the live classes their gyms offer don’t match their preferences. No gym can offer hundreds of different live group x classes that fits the taste of all their members. But a virtual system can – from rowing classes to cycling classes and everything in between, having virtual in your club means you are giving your members a possibility to choose from hundreds of virtual classes – and there is something for every taste.

Virtual fitness is a great way to delivery group exercise for everyone

Having a virtual schedule alongside your live schedule is a smart way to keep all your members engaged and happy.  Providing a training plan that includes virtual classes will keep your members motivated and on track. If you balance your schedules with the right mix of classes and make selections based on what will work well alongside your live offerings, you ensure that you have something for everyone and all your members’ needs are met.

You can also combine live and virtual and make a symbiosis that works for all members.  You can plan a live/virtual transition – members attending a live class will then complement their workout with a virtual class, e.g. a live HiiT class followed by a virtual stretching session. The possibilities are endless.


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AuthorMorten Andersen