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Wexer Introduces Embedded People Counting System


Today we launch Wexer Count, a bespoke people counting solution for both live and virtual group exercise classes. The new product is available to integrate with Wexer products, including the Wexer Virtual Player.

Wexer Count provides data that will enable Fitness Directors and Group Exercise Managers to better understand their group exercise offering and maximise studio usage during off-peak times. By counting and reporting the number of people entering a studio, fitness operators can quantify member behaviours and patterns relating to group exercise classes; both live and virtual.

“Wexer is excited to be the first to launch an embedded people counting system into a virtual fitness player,” says Paul Bowman, CEO for Wexer. Wexer Count is an ideal product for both small and large group exercise studios, providing an accurate solution to leverage data for member engagement and satisfaction.”

Wexer Count was launched so that our partners can accurately measure how many members participate in group exercise classes, while Wexer focuses on delivering the most advanced fitness technology,” says Bowman. “Wexer Count does this by providing real-time business intelligence.”

The embedded people counting system is a robust sensor that wirelessly connects to a receiver where data is transmitted to Wexer Admin; an online portal where fitness operators can view attendance across each group exercise class.

Wexer Count is available to purchase now. For more information contact:



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