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Wexer Introduces SH1FT Express Workouts: Stay Active & Fit


SH1FT Fitness partners with Wexer to introduce a fresh series of express workouts to keep you moving. Summer may have come to an end, but SH1FT’s quick and effective workouts will ensure you stay on track. As the sun sets on summer and daily routines regain their momentum, time becomes a precious commodity.

“The trend of shorter workout durations has been a consistent force in virtual fitness over the past five years. It’s a logical response to the challenges posed by hectic schedules, ensuring that fitting in a workout is always achievable. After the summer break, reestablishing a fitness routine can be daunting. Our experience shows that commencing with quick workouts aids motivation, eliminating the need to dive straight into lengthy 45- or 60-minute sessions. SH1FT has truly excelled in offering express workouts, stretches, and more, empowering everyone to engage in swift and effective fitness.”

~ Morten Andersen, Global Head of Content at Wexer ~

SH1FT Fitness, a frontrunner in innovative fitness programs, has responded to the time-crunched schedules of its community with the launch of an exciting range of express workouts. These fresh additions will cater to all fitness levels, ensuring that regardless of your busy routine, there’s always room for a rejuvenating workout session.

SH1FT Fitness proudly presents its variety of express workout formats with SH1FT, L1FT, R1ZE, M1ND, R1DE, and the new STR1KE workouts, all now accessible on the Wexer virtual fitness platform. The new series features a collection of 16 express workouts, enabling fitness enthusiasts worldwide to engage in efficient and invigorating exercises.

The latest lineup of express workouts offers something for everyone. Explore the brand-new MMA-inspired STR1KE format, with highlights such as ‘BOX FIT’ and ‘BOXING HIIT.’ 

“My top pick is our 20-minute BOX FIT class – a rhythmic, beat-based boxing routine guaranteed to elevate your heart rate. Led by Marcus and Iman, two of the fitness world’s most renowned presenters, the infectious energy they bring to this workout will leave you on an endorphin high.

~ Will Brereton, Founder of SH1FT Fitness ~

Additionally, indulge in captivating R1DE cycle sessions and experience the revitalizing M1ND stretches and flows that serve as the perfect conclusion to any workout.

Furthermore, SH1FT Fitness introduces three fresh express workouts from the immensely popular SCULPT & TONE Series in L1FT. These dynamic sessions target specific areas such as the upper body and arms, glutes, and abs.

They tailored these short yet impactful workouts for those with less time but want promising and immediate results.

SH1FT Fitness Express Workouts On The Wexer Platform

1. SH1FT:

Smart, high intensity functional training workouts. The ability to move with power, control and precision is the key to functional fitness and staying “fit for life” at any age. 

2. L1FT:

A strength development format that delivers real results with varied training protocols and a “workout of the day” focus, L1FT workouts are suitable for everyone from beginner to athlete. Each workout uses smart, safe and progressive movements to ensure they deliver the perfect workout for any fitness level.

  • L1FT – SCULPT & TONE (Upper Body): Target your upper body muscles with precision in this dynamic workout session.
  • L1FT – SCULPT & TONE (Upper Body): Target your upper body muscles with precision in this dynamic workout session.
  • L1FT – SCULPT & TONE (Abs): Achieve a sculpted core with core-focused exercises that are both effective and time-efficient.

3. R1ZE:

High intensity functional training with multi-dimensional functional movements for a full body interval blast. R1ZE is the most varied of our formats, ranging from no impact strength to speed and agility.

4. M1ND:

Stretches and Flows: Wind down with calming stretches and flows that enhance flexibility and relaxation. Functional stretching, mobility, and stability for non-yogis.  M1ND workouts are zero impact, making you more mobile and functional and complimenting all other types of exercise. They also provide an ideal entry point for older populations or those brand new to working out.

5. R1DE:

Cycling Sessions: High intensity, low impact cardio workouts on a bike. Engage in heart-pumping cycling sessions that provide a fantastic cardiovascular workout and leg strength. The best of studio cycling integrating great music, body movement and an endorphin rush. 

6. STR1KE:

MMA inspired combat cardio training. STR1KE fuses mixed martial arts techniques, high-intensity cardio, and functional training to deliver an adrenaline-pumping workout that will challenge both your physical and mental limits. 

  • STR1KE – BOX FIT: An energetic and rhythmic boxing routine designed to elevate your heart rate and boost your endurance.
  • STR1KE – BOXING HIIT: High-intensity interval training mixed with boxing techniques for a powerful full-body workout.

Stay connected with SH1FT Fitness and experience the transformative power of express workouts on the Wexer platform. Whether you’re aiming to maintain your fitness momentum or jumpstart your journey, SH1FT’s innovative approach ensures you can achieve your goals without compromising on time.

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