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5 reasons why virtual fitness is a secret weapon for independent operators


As an independent operator running a club where you pride yourself on your human touch, why should you take the plunge into virtual fitness?

How does this technology fit with a model that’s centred on building a sense of community, with strong levels of service and great, personal relationships with members – a model that’s based on people?

The answer: it fits perfectly. Here are five reasons why…


#1 – Group exercise strengthens your community

Numerous pieces of research, as well as decades of anecdotal evidence, highlight the power of group exercise to attract and retain members. It not only appeals to a whole new audience compared to gym workouts; those GX members also come more regularly and stay with you for longer.

But there’s always a fine line to tread, balancing the cost of instructors versus the likely number of participants in a class. The ROI has to be there.

When you introduce Wexer Virtual, that balancing act is hugely simplified. Live instructors will still be a great solution for your peak classes, but you’re suddenly also able to offer a world-class group exercise timetable throughout off-peak hours, maximising the use of your studio space and the ROI on AV your systems – but even more importantly, keeping your GX members happy with a round-the-clock GX offering that fits around them.

Virtual is a fantastic way of cost-effectively enhancing your community-boosting GX offering, avoiding the lights ever being dimmed on an empty studio space.


#2 – Virtual enhances live participation

Used most effectively, virtual fitness is not a replacement for live classes; it’s an added service that enhances and complements the live offering.

Not only does virtual fitness allow you to offer high-quality off-peak classes – it also acts as a fantastic feeder into live classes for those who are too intimidated to enter a room full of regulars. It allows them to build their confidence and learn the moves at their own pace, ultimately preparing them for a live class.

Virtual sessions are also great add-ons to live classes: a virtual core class directly after a live HIIT session, for example.

And if you really want to offer a class where team bonding and service levels go sky high, think about using virtual as a backdrop to a live instructor-led class. With the instructions coming from the screen, the live instructor is freed up to focus on motivation, personal advice and technique tips, even further boosting the sense of community in the room.


#3 – Virtual minimises service disruption

There’s nothing worse for a GX member than to turn up at your club, only to find their class cancelled due to an instructor no-show.

Wexer Virtual is the perfect solution, with 900+ classes at your fingertips at a moment’s notice, all led by top instructors from around the world.

We aren’t suggesting you replace your regular, live instructor – but a Wexer class is certainly no compromise. Fantastic workouts, world-class instructors, and something to fill any gap in the timetable. Peace of mind for you, and improved satisfaction levels among your members.


#4 – Virtual brings new opportunities

It’s always nice to have a new workout to do – something that keeps things fresh, keeps your mind and body stimulated, keeps your motivation levels high. And with 900+ classes available on the Wexer Player – plus new releases coming out all the time – there really is a world of choice, with something for absolutely everyone whatever their interests, fitness level or GX experience to date.

For some members, it will be a chance to try something brand new – something they wouldn’t otherwise find on your class timetable. For others, it will be the chance to dive deeper into the disciplines they already know they love, benefiting from the wisdom and different coaching styles of new instructors to complement the live classes they do.

For your GX members, Wexer Virtual opens up a whole new world of workout inspiration.


#5 – Virtual creates a buzz

Gym users at your club will probably have seen a number of new innovations coming in over the years – eye-catching new bits of kit and so on. But as a whole, studios have remained unchanged for decades… wooden floors, mirrored walls… Nothing to really reinvent the experience and get your GX members fired up.

Wexer Virtual is the perfect way to revitalise your GX studio, creating a cinematic experience with a big screen, great lighting, a pumping sound system. It injects new life into your studio and offers a whole new workout experience for your members. It’s a great way to make your GX members feel loved, with an exciting new space to rival any of your investments on the gym floor.


If that all sounds interesting, then the next question is of course: ‘Why Wexer?’ And there are some pretty strong reasons why, from the reliability of our technology and the sheer diversity of classes on offer, to the marketing and 24/7 tech support we offer every one of our clients.


For more information please contact info@wexer.com, and we can arrange a time to chat



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