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Help your guests improve their golf skills


As a golfing destination, do you rely primarily on the quality of your golf courses to encourage golf enthusiasts to choose you above another hotel? For your guests, is it all about the time spent out on the fairway, or is there another facet to your golf offering – one that’s available come rain or come shine, and that complements time spent on the course?

If not, could (should) there be?

What if we told you we could simply and cost-effectively help improve golfers’ performance on the fairway, by offering them sports conditioning programmes to do off the fairway?

That we could help turn your hotel into a destination where people not only enjoy wonderful golf, but where they also find they play better – driving the ball further, swinging more freely, picking up fewer injuries, generally feeling more energised and able to up their game.

What if we told you we can help your guests be fit for golf?

Because that’s exactly the idea behind the GOLFit workouts, available on Wexer Virtual – the market-leading virtual class system that allows your guests to do world-class workouts at any time of the day or night.

GOLFit’s series of 11 golf-specific exercise programmes are based on functional movements; these are workouts that train and condition the body for the specific demands of 18 holes of golf. From Core & Strength, through Strength & Stability, to Power & Speed, GOLFit gets you ready to be your best on the golf course.

Even better, these workouts require nothing more than body weight and a small selection of studio equipment: dumbbells, medicine balls, fitness mats and yoga blocks.

Of course, once installed, your other guests can enjoy Wexer Virtual too, with over 1,000 different virtual classes on offer – everything from yoga to circuits, cycling to dance – to ensure there’s something to appeal to everyone.

But for golfers specifically, Wexer Virtual and its GOLFit programming – not to mention the wide range of other workouts on the platform with proven benefits for golfers, from core strength to flexibility – will help them play better. And that will be a selling point that sets you apart not only from other hotels, but from other golfing destinations too.

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