Funk Fitness Success Story

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20 May 2015


Funk Fitness was founded in 2014 on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. The club has an electric and colourful atmosphere and has set to become the best 24/7 health and fitness gym on the Gold Coast.


  • High cost of running the group fitness¬†studio
  • High cost of instructors
  • Underutilized space
  • Inconsistent group fitness attendance

Funk Fitness found out that as a new club, it needed to be viable from day one. Group Fitness was a costly part of their business with high outgoing due to cost of instructors, rent, scheduling and managing.

“Wexer Virtual allowed us to maximise an underutilised Group Fitness Room.”

Funk Fitness decided to introduce virtual training wit the Wexer Virtual On Demand Player featuring both group X & cycling classes.


  • More classes at peak times
  • Convenience
  • Reduced cost per class
  • More flexibility

After introducing virtual training, Funk Fitness reduced their cost per class. The club also became more flexible and convenient for their members.

“Now we can easily cancel a live class and put in a virtual class as the last minute, due to instructor illness or unavailability. We are also able to upload or change the timetable on our website and our members are able to see what a particular virtual class is all about prior to participating in the class.”

What is your favourite thing about Wexer Virtual? “The high quality of the video classes and the reduction of cost running group X.”


AuthorDavid Packman