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Edge Fitness Success Story

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21 May 2015


Edge Fitness was founded in 2008 in Moorhead, Minnesota in the USA. The club is dedicated to helping their members reach all their goals and making sure they have fun doing it!


  • High cost of live classes
  • High percentage of downtime
  • Lack of classes during the whole day

Edge Fitness remodelled their group fitness studio. However, they could not offer enough classes for their members, which started to go to other big clubs that had the ability to offer classes all day.

“As a smaller club it was impossible to compete with large health clubs and their group fitness programs. Now with the virtual system in place we can offer classes 24/7 with the push of a button.”

Edge Fitness decided to go for Les Mills classes, provided on a Wexer Virtual On Demand Player.



  • More variety of classes for the club members
  • Better retention rate
  • Growth in membership

After introducing virtual training, the club is both keeping and attracting more members who want to do group fitness on their own schedule, instead of trying to plan their day around the club schedule.

“We can now compete with the number of classes large health clubs offer in our area!”

What is your favourite thing about Wexer Virtual? “The quick response to questions or issues we might have is awesome!”


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