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As lockdown eases, all multi-family housing developments need a Wexer Web Player


The fitness landscape as we begin to emerge from COVID lockdown is a very different place from how it used to be. Many gyms remain closed, with memberships frozen. Even in the markets where gyms are being given a green light to re-open, it is only with strict protocols in place to ensure member safety: social distancing, mask wearing, round-the-clock cleaning, automatic temperature taking. The list goes on and will ensure that, at least for the short term, gyms have a very different feel from the good old days pre-lockdown.

Early indications are that members will nevertheless return, but not all will choose to do so immediately. There is unquestionably a degree of residual nervousness, uncertainty, even fear, particularly among at-risk groups.

It’s also the case that many won’t even have the option of going back to the gym for a few months yet.

Meanwhile, one immediate impact of lockdown is that many more people have come to appreciate the value of exercise in staying physically and mentally well – benefits that have been evidenced both by numerous studies and by people’s own experiences throughout the COVID crisis.

People have also got used to digital fitness provision, with online the only option for fitness content and guidance throughout the weeks and months stuck at home.

Set against the backdrop of these trends, there’s a clear need to support people in being active, and doing so in new ways while COVID remains a threat. That means fitness wherever individuals choose to do it, on their terms, perhaps without a gym or fitness facility being involved, or at least with alternatives to take part in alongside some limited gym visits.

So, how can your multi-family housing development support residents in this way?

The Wexer Web Player represents the perfect solution, giving your residents access to world-class fitness content whenever and wherever they want it – all password-protected and on a platform that’s been white labelled to your brand.

It might be at home, in the park – something that’s been allowed for some time now as a solo exerciser, and that certainly in the UK is now being allowed in small groups too – or elsewhere as lockdown continues to ease and people begin to spread their wings. All residents need to do is log in to the password-protected portal, which they can do through any internet-enabled device. They can then choose whatever class takes their fancy from a diverse library of over 600 on-demand workouts, all led by top instructors from around the world and embracing everything from HIIT to mind-body, strength and conditioning to dance, weight loss to kids’ programming and far more besides.

This is group exercise for everyone, but without the safety concerns. It’s something your residents can do anywhere, without breaking any social distancing rules or worrying they might be putting themselves at risk.

And with many mainstream gyms choosing to re-open without studio classes for now, it will also be a particularly welcome thing for multi-family housing developments to offer. Because group exercise remains a hugely popular activity, and by putting it quite literally into the palm of people’s hands, multi-family housing developments can help keep their residents fit, well and happy.


To find out more about the Wexer Web Player, please contact info@wexer.com



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