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Supporting operators through – and beyond – the COVID-19 crisis; Wexer is proud to be a founder member of Fitness United


If you haven’t yet heard of Fitness United, here’s a quick overview: officially launching on 1 June 2020, Fitness United is a group of leading fitness industry suppliers that have come together on a voluntary basis to support facility operators through the COVID-19 crisis – and beyond, as clubs adapt to the post-lockdown landscape.

Every member of this new collaboration of suppliers is committed to doing whatever it can to assist fitness facility operators with support, offers and new services; this support is initially pledged until the end of 2020.

And Wexer is honoured to be one of the founder members, alongside Hussle, Technogym, HCM, Love Recruitment, Core Health & Fitness, and Learn Direct.

So, what can operators expect from Fitness United?

To be accepted into the group, all suppliers must commit to providing operators with at least one of the following support mechanisms:

  • A new service.
  • A discount on an existing service to reduce operators’ costs.
  • Content or information which will be useful to operators.

And what can you expect from Wexer specifically?

With the hybrid model on everyone’s lips – that marriage of digital and physical, on- and offline that will prove so vital to clubs’ success over the coming months and years – digital fitness market leader Wexer has an invaluable contribution to make.

  • New service: Web Player Connect – launching at the beginning of June as a complimentary new feature in our popular Web Player platform – will allow clubs to upload their own content alongside our 600+ music licence-free, on-demand virtual group exercise classes. That means not only exercise videos, but also supporting content such as nutrition workshops, meditation sessions and so on – all led by gyms’ own in-house superstars. Your white labelled Web Player can be ready in as little as seven days from signing a contract – and if you’d rather integrate the platform into your own app, we have an SDK (software development kit) solution to enable this too.
  • Useful content: With world-class digital content solutions for both in- and out-of-club – Wexer Virtual for in-club virtual GX, allowing you to cost-effectively run even reduced capacity classes around the clock; Web Player and the Wexer Mobile app/SDK options for out-of-club training – the foundations are there for a seamless workout experience, with familiar content wherever your members choose to exercise.
  • Useful information: We’re offering free consultation and advice to any operator seeking guidance on how to take the all-important steps into a monetised, sustainable hybrid model.

“Since its launch in 2012, Wexer’s mission has been clear: to harness the power of digital to get more people, more active, more often while at the same time keeping traditional facilities at the very heart of the experience,” says Ross Payne, Wexer’s representative in – and digital expert for – Fitness United.

“COVID-19 has made consumers more conscious than ever of the value of staying fit and healthy, but as behaviours and routines shift, we need to ensure traditional operators don’t lose out to the B2C online specialists. Wexer is therefore delighted to be part of this new Fitness United initiative, playing our part in ensuring that traditional operators remain people’s go-to brands of choice – not just destinations of choice – in the new normal of fitness.

“As the sector’s leading digital expert – working with over 3000 operators across 50+ markets, including most of the world’s top 25 club groups – we have a wealth of experience that will allow us to guide operators towards a monetised, sustainable, engaging hybrid model.”


For more information around our partnership with Fitness United please get in touch at ross.payne@wexer.com



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