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Our new ‘superstar mobilisation’ tool empowers even your most isolated trainers to support your members


Are you looking for ways to better support your members during the current COVID-19 crisis?

Then allow us to introduce Web Player Connect: a powerful new tool that Wexer will be launching next month, and that has been specifically created to connect trainers and content partners with end users during this period of isolation – and beyond.

Web Player Connect is designed to neatly integrate into the Wexer Web Player – and will be available free of charge to all Web Player customers, including existing customers.

Web Player Connect was conceived with a very specific goal in mind: to allow for the easy, but also ownable, sharing of workout content. As an operator, it gives you full control to mobilise even the most isolated members of your team, empowering your superstar instructors and trainers – wherever they are, and using nothing more than their mobile phones – to create a steady stream of fresh, high quality workout content for your members. You can then easily select what content gets published, when – giving you, the operator, full control of your own generated content.

These brand ambassadors simply use their phones to film themselves doing workouts, edit if needed, upload the videos into Connect. All content generated by your team is pushed into your own Web Player, for your members’ exclusive use.

It ensures that – even with everyone currently stuck at home – people still get to train with their favourite instructors and personal trainers.

All workouts can be made available on-demand, allowing you to build up a library of virtual classes delivered by your brand ambassadors. And even better, because both the Web Player and Wexer Mobile are white label platforms, all of that content is housed within your own branded portal; the home fitness offering becomes an extension of the in-club experience.

In turn, this helps build brand loyalty: rather than half-associating the workouts with the social media platforms on which they are shared, your members will associate just one brand with the content that has helped them through these tough times. Yours.

In the long run, housing these home workouts on your own platform rather than on social media can open the door to other commercial opportunities too: you might, for example, consider placing your class library behind a paywall once the COVID-19 crisis is over, allowing you to monetise all that great content.

In the meantime, though – in these times of crisis, with your brand ambassadors stuck at home and your members seeking fitness content they can trust – Web Player Connect is an invaluable member support tool.

It connects your team with your members, allowing you to provide a home fitness offering your members will instantly feel comfortable with: classes led by familiar faces, streamed direct into their living rooms, home gyms, gardens, garages.

It removes the barriers of geography that have resulted from ‘stay at home’ orders the world over, allowing you to give your members the best possible support during these challenging times: great workout content, from their favourite trainers, on-demand, any time, anywhere (as long as it’s at home right now!)

And it’s all free of charge.

At Wexer, we firmly believe that social isolation needn’t be a barrier to producing great new fitness content. It needn’t be a barrier to supporting your members. Wherever your trainers may be during these times of crisis, Web Player Connect is there to unlock the power of your people. It is there to support you in supporting your members, ensuring it’s your brand that offers the fitness solution they are – now more than ever – looking for.


 For more information please contact us at info@wexer.com



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