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3 reasons why every gym needs its own online fitness content

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11 November 2020

Back in June, we launched a new feature – Connect – into our Web Player. A free upgrade for every customer.

But why?

This white label ‘any time, anywhere, any device’ online fitness platform had always been a popular product, providing access to hundreds of on-demand classes from our global content providers.

But with the launch of Connect, the Web Player became an even stronger tool. All of a sudden, fitness operators were able to stream their own content through the platform too. They effectively had their own TV channel to share everything from fitness classes to nutrition seminars, mindfulness groups to cookery workshops…

And that – allowing operators to create and share their own content on their own platform – wasn’t just important during lockdown. It remains hugely important for a number of reasons. Here, we’d like to pick out just three:

  • Lockdown reminded us all of the power of familiar faces. By creating their own content, harnessing the power of their in-house superstars, clubs can better maintain their relationship with members. Failure to do so means a risk of losing customers to more digitally savvy competitors – especially those that use the same popular freelance instructors, but across multiple channels.
  • If every touchpoint – in and out of club – is owned and controlled by the operator, it helps drive loyalty. We talk a lot about a seamless experience, but let’s briefly touch on what happens if clubs don’t produce their own online content. All of a sudden, members looking for a virtual workout have to follow those created by competitive brands – including while working out in your club. On the flip side, creating your own online content helps ensure the delivery of a pure, undiluted brand experience; doing so on an own-branded platform cements the relationship even more strongly.
  • Creating your own online workouts allows you, as an operator, to respond to the needs of your specific members, with targeted content that complements and builds on the most popular elements of the in-club offering. It is the delivery of this – the exact content members want, made available wherever and whenever they need it – that drives loyalty.

With Connect, this approach is a reality. The challenge for operators is to deliver a regular feed of new content and yes, it’s a new demand to fit in to an already pressed agenda. But it’s one that’s well worth investing the time and effort in.


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AuthorRoss Payne