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Wexer is perfectly placed to help PBSA operators meet the growing wellness expectations of their digital native residents.

Today’s students place far greater focus on wellbeing than previous generations; in recent research, 45% of all students and 51% of international students said they would pay a premium for on-site fitness provision.

And as digital natives, they expect it to be at their fingertips, 24/7.

This is no longer a nice-to-have. It’s an expectation that every PBSA operator must meet.

Why Wexer Virtual?

In-person experience for those looking to work out with friends in a dedicated space

  • Virtual group exercise, scheduled or on-demand for 24/7 access
  • 1,600+ workouts spanning all genres, fitness and experience levels
  • Expert-led for safety in unmanned environments
  • An unrivalled 99.9% up-time: invaluable reliability for a self-service environment
  • Cost-effective yet world-class experiences, every single time
  • Maximise your space by enhancing your current gym or transforming social areas

Why Wexer Web Player?

Web-based portal for convenient, engaging, self-service fitness

  • ‘Any time, anywhere, any internet-enabled device’ meets expectations of flexibility
  • Users stream their choice of hundreds of music licence-free virtual classes
  • Option to upload your own on-demand video content
  • White label platform means students perceive it as a value-add from you
  • Class collections can be tailored to students’ needs for a personalised feel

Why a Wexer ecosystem?

Virtual + Web Player for a consistent, user-centric experience

  • In their own room when that’s most convenient
  • In the fitness centre when they want the buzz of working out with others
  • If you have an existing app you can add our fitness content using the Wexer SDK
  • ‘Scan and go’ when they want a Wexer Virtual takeaway in a local park
  • The same world-class standards wherever and whenever the wellness experiences take place


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Students want easy access to fitness for both their mental and physical health.  What better way to set your offering apart  than by providing the tools to help them get healthy and active on their terms?

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