330% growth. It’s a compelling reason to want an app

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12 March 2018

By Daniel Waide

The fitness app market has already been an exciting growth story. Let’s look at a few of the stats so far:

  • 330% – The growth in health and fitness app usage in the US between 2014 and 2017
  • 26% – The proportion of health and fitness app users opening these apps 10+ times a week
  • 73% – In mid-2017, workout and weight loss apps accounted for approximately three-quarters of all health and fitness app usage
  • 60% – Proportion of US smartphone users who use some form of fitness app on their phone
  • 29.45% – Forecast growth of global fitness app market 2017-2021 (by product launches)
  • 37% – growth in spending year-on-year for workout apps and videos (2016 vs 2015)
    Sources: Flurry (Oath), Edison Research, ReportsnReports.com, Cardlytics

Little wonder, then, that many operators are looking to embrace the app market, seeking to harness its power to engage a new generation of exercisers who would sooner look online than inside a gym for workout inspiration.

And of course apps can act as this bridge between the digital and physical worlds.

But this is the key point: an app should be a bridge between a club and its customers wherever they are, not a replacement for the club. Even for those who don’t want to exercise in a gym, an operator’s app should provide access to its expertise and fitness experiences in a compelling, engaging way.

This is why we’ve designed Wexer Mobile to be a complement to, rather than a replacement for, the in-club offering, and why digital memberships are the very cornerstone of the app – a vehicle through which operators can maintain a 24/7 relationship with members, as well as engaging a new cohort of non-gym-goers wherever in the world they might be.

It all comes back to our mission is to make world-class exercise accessible to more people through the use of technology, while still keeping health clubs firmly at the heart of the experience.

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AuthorDaniel Waide