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9 February 2021

It’s no exaggeration to say the global fitness sector has been transformed over the last year, with digital conversations pushed to the very top of the agenda as operators the world over rushed to support those stuck at home.

As sudden as it might have felt, this has been one hugely positive outcome of the ongoing health crisis. It has forced our sector to make bold decisions and catch up with where consumers already are. It has brought us to a position we should arguably already have been in, and it has made it happen in record time.

All this being said, it has also been hugely challenging, with many operators still unsure exactly how to ‘go digital’. The result: a variety of disparate initiatives which, while temporarily addressing a need, didn’t necessarily gel into one coherent strategy, nor serve the club brand in the longer term.

It doesn’t have to be that way, and that’s where Wexer comes in: a world-renowned digital expert who can partner with you to digitalize and future-proof your business, all the while serving your members and keeping you at the heart of the experience.


Market-leading expertise

Wexer has led the digital charge for almost 10 years now, operating across 50+ countries and partnering with many of the world’s leading health club brands to drive their successful digital transformation.


Here to help you thrive

People sometimes see tech as the enemy – a possible replacement to club membership – but our white labelled technology has been designed to keep clubs at the very heart of the member experience. We’re here to help you create a fully ownable hybrid model for your members: a seamless offering that spans in- and out-of-club, all delivered under your brand to enhance member satisfaction and retention.


Consultants, not sales people

We know how important it is to have a digital strategy in place before you embark on your digital journey, and we’re here to help. We’ll make sure you’re asking all the right questions to ensure your unique in-club experience is complemented with a digital experience that’s equally unique and relevant to your customers.

We’re also on-hand to guide you through the increasingly complex world of content creation and streaming. On-demand, live, pseudo-live, own-brand vs third-party – we understand where this market is going, and we’re here to make sure you stay on-track.


Unparalleled reliability

Our platform is truly market-leading, with stats that speak for themselves: across all our clients in more than 50 countries, our system is up and running more than 99.9% of the time. Any problems that do occur, we pledge to respond within three hours. It’s a badge of honour we wear with pride, and one we don’t believe anyone else can lay claim to.


Functionality built around you

We’ve designed all our back-end software ourselves: purpose-built support software that delivers what you need in a simple, reliable way, with an incredibly user-friendly interface. And we keep innovating all the time. We believe even world-class can always be made better, so we’ll keep bringing you new features and enhanced functionality to drive an even greater experience for yourselves and your members.


The content your members want

The Wexer library includes more than 1,500 virtual classes from the world’s most popular fitness providers, from Daily Burn to Zumba, CYBEROBICS to Move123 and far more besides. It’s a library no other platform comes close to and it means your members will always find their perfect class, whatever their needs or interests.


There every step of the way

With a dedicated US support team, we’re there for you throughout your contract with us – not just at the beginning – with 24/7 tech support and ongoing account management, all complemented by a new online knowledge centre.

We like to think of our account management as our customer success team, because that’s their brief: to play a key role in your success by offering expert advice and guidance at every step of your digital journey, from installation to implementation, scheduling to ongoing marketing.

And from a tech perspective, our automated monitoring system checks our platform 24/7, worldwide, to minimise any issues. If there are any problems, we commit to responding within three hours, with most issues then resolved within 24 hours; 50% are resolved within the first three hours of being reported. We’re also on-hand 24/7 to resolve any tech queries you might have.

Long and short of it: we won’t simply leave you to your own devices. Cliché as it may sound, your success is our success, and together we’ll work in partnership towards that goal.


To find out more about partnering with Wexer, please contact us at info@wexer.com


AuthorJohanna Bell

Business Development Executive