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3 November 2021

There’s great news for fans of Wexer content partner SH1FT Fitness, with the announcement that more workouts from SH1FT’s catalogue will now be available on the Wexer platform. SH1FT will launch their entire portfolio of brands onto the Wexer platforms.

“SH1FT Fitness has been a partner of Wexer for a number of years, and we’re delighted to bring a larger catalogue of brand-new workouts to the platform,” says Will Brereton, founder of SH1FT.

“We’re especially excited to bring our M1ND format to Wexer. Launched in late 2020, M1ND is a unique functional mobility and stretching programme for non-yogis and it’s had an incredible response: it’s already being taught by thousands of instructors worldwide.

“Our 30-minute M1ND workouts are perfect standalone mobility sessions for a recovery day, while our shorter workouts have been designed to sit alongside another more intense session.”


The SH1FT line-up 

SH1FT will be bringing all their brands onto the Wexer systems and they will be available as separate channels to make it easy for the users to engage with their favourite content.

SH1FT – which stands for Smart High Intensity & Functional Training – is known for creating workouts that are non-intimidating, simple and inclusive, and its five different class formats are now available to all Wexer customers.

SH1FT (HIIT) workouts use your bodyweight as the tool to develop speed, balance and agility, with each class designed around a theme from the world of sport and movement.

L1FT (strength & conditioning) uses weights to sculpt lean muscles and turn you into a fat-burning machine long after the workout is over.

R1ZE (Step) is a modern take on a classic piece of kit, featuring multi-dimensional functional movements for a full-body interval blast. Forget everything you think you know about the stepper!

R1DE (indoor cycling) is a 30-minute, beat-based workout on a bike that takes the best of boutique cycle and performance riding and blends it all into a single class.

M1ND (mind-body) draws inspiration from sports, yoga, calisthenics and rehabilitation, with each unique session drawing on one or more of these elements. The central theme: connection between mind and movement.


Fresh content drops every week

With the new class catalogue now launching on Wexer, each of these five programmes will offer a great selection of fresh workouts from the outset: 13 SH1FT classes, 31 L1FT, 12 M1ND, 10 R1ZE and 24 R1DE. There will also be weekly drops of new content.

Let’s finish up with a little taster from each programme to whet your appetite.


M1ND: 30 Minute Mobilise, Stretch & Strengthen

The signature 30-minute, equipment-free M1ND workout. Warming up by introducing movement to the muscles and joints, stability work comes next – building confidence and proprioception – before finishing with a stretch. It’s perfect for a lower-intensity recovery workout that quickly improves mobility, stability and flexibility. The progressive nature of the moves also makes it a great option for those new to exercise.


SH1FT: 25 Minute Low Impact HIIT Cardio

Hard work doesn’t have to be hard on your body; this functional class is about working smart. There are no jumps, so you build cardio fitness and strength without putting pressure on the joints, and the workout keeps things simple and focused – perfect for those new to HIIT, as well as experienced exercisers who prefer to avoid impact-based moves.


L1FT: 25 Minute Strength & Conditioning

Go hard or go home! This full-body strength & conditioning workout hits all the major muscle groups to build strong, lean muscles. You’ll be feeling this one tomorrow! All you need to get started is a pair of weights: dumbbells, plates, bar or kettlebells all work well.


R1ZE: 15 Minute HIIT on the Step

If you’re looking for bang for your buck, this is the workout for you. In just 15 minutes you’ll supercharge your cardio fitness, strength, speed and agility in this fun but challenging class. If you don’t have a step, just use a towel on the floor – you’ll still get a great workout!


R1DE: 30 Minute Ride #9

There’s a fresh look and feel to R1DE, with the first new-style workout dropping on 15 November: 30 Minute Ride #9. It’s boutique cycling meets performance riding. Think dark room, uplifting music and killer tracks. Get ready to lose yourself for 30 minutes in this unique fitness experience.


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AuthorMorten Andersen