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21 January 2021

We have a variety of brand-new classes available on your platforms from some of our top content providers – across all categories, for all abilities.


  • 10 new classes from BOXX – all are part of a new, easy-to-follow format
  • These are all circuit-style workouts – where you do an exercise for an allotted time, at your own pace
  • The workouts have no verbal instruction from the instructor – they are that easy to follow

All workouts can be done with no equipment or using a set of dumbbells – alternatively using two water bottles or something similar


  • FULL BODY BLAST: Grab a set of dumbbells or a pair of water bottles for this full body workout, with carefully selected exercises. Perfect for a full-body tune up in under 25 minutes
  • SHORT BOXING WORKOUT: Find your inner Rocky Balboa and blow off some steam throwing punches. 10 minutes well spent if you want to relieve stress or fight off frustrations.

Top Tip:  Repeat the same workout a few times to challenge yourself: Can you improve your number of reps per round?



  • 7 classes are from the new low-impact workout series from 1FitLife
  • These are perfect for beginners or those who need a gentle workout
  • These videos include both workouts, yoga-sessions, dance and even Pilates.

The last 3 workouts follow 1FitLife’s signature, high-quality training principle, including balanced intensity and exercise choices


  • YOGA WIND DOWN: A slow-paced yoga practice including mind-focused exercises to leave both body and mind balanced.
  • MORNING ENERGISER WORKOUT: Get moving to start your day right with a mix of exercises and movements to wake up the body for a long day.

Top Tip: New low-impact classes are perfect for the inexperienced users, that want to get an easy introduction to virtual workouts


MOVE 123

  • New Move123 classes for everyone
  • 36 classes across all categories
  • Move123 makes it easy to get a workout in: There are classes down to 5 minutes and the longest class is only 20 minutes

For desk sitters:

The perfect release and help for those stuck at the desk all day, every day.

  • Stretch Desk Sitters 5min with Mitch # 30: Get some much-needed wrist release
  • Stretch Desk Sitters 5min with Mitch # 31: First aid for tight hips and lower back
  • Yoga Desk Sitters 5min with Mitch # 30: Open up the shoulders to relieve stress

Brand new Barre classes:

  • BARRE LOWER BODY 10 MINS WITH WENDY #1: Leg-focused workout guaranteed to make you feel your glutes and thighs
  • BARRE TOTAL BODY 20 MINS WITH THERESIA: Full body workout, perfect for beginners getting started on Barre-training

Top Tip:  Rather than doing one longer workout, stack several short workouts to get a personalised workout with loads of variation.


For more information about these classes, or any of the content on our platform please contact us at

AuthorMorten Andersen