Club Virtual – Your virtual fitness upgrade

Wexer Blog

17 July 2018

By Robert Louw

Your transition to Wexer Virtual is coming soon

Your software will be remotely upgraded to the latest Wexer technology. 

This will be an easy and seamless process:

1. You will receive an email to let you know which week your upgrade will be happening
2. The process will take between 30-60 minutes to update
3. Your virtual interface will show that the upgrade is taking place

My Wexer will be the portal to manage your schedules – unfortunately as a one-off you will need to recreate your class schedule

After the crossover you can login to My Wexer using your username and password here

You can find these logins in your Wexer email.

Once you have logged in please update your password in your settings

If you would like assistance on popular classes and rescheduling your calendar you can contact your Account Manager

Please view the online tutorials for information on scheduling and the many other features

If you experience any issues with your crossover please contact our tech team here

AuthorRobert Louw