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Introducing Cycling Sophie: New Wexer Multilingual Content


Wexer has bolstered its multilingual content library with the addition of some exciting new German language content. We sat down with Sophie Joline Fischer, pro cyclist turned indoor cycling influencer and the passionate face of Cycling Sophie to find out more. 

The addition of Cycling Sophie’s German language content enriches Wexer’s library, catering to a diverse global audience. In this blog post, we dive into what makes Cycling Sophie’s content unique, her inspiring journey, and how this partnership with Wexer is set to revolutionize the indoor cycling experience.

Cycling Sophie-English Version

Pedaling to the Rhythm of Success: What Cycling Sophie Offers

Cycling Sophie’s philosophy centers around rhythm and performance-based indoor cycling with a special emphasis on the power of music in every class. But it’s not just about the music beats, Sophie crafts her classes with specific goals in mind. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced cyclist, each session is designed to cater to your needs and help you achieve your fitness objectives.

With the integration of Myzone heart rate zones, Cycling Sophie ensures that every class is a personalized journey for you and your body. Sophie shared, “It really is just about you and your body. You don’t ever need to worry that you won’t be good enough to do my classes.”

“Cycling Sophie offers classes for all levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced – with workouts ranging from 15 to 90 minutes. There really is something for everyone.”

~ Sophie Joline Fischer ~

From English to German: Unveiling the Surge in Demand

While Cycling Sophie initially created content in English to connect with a global audience, it was the shift to producing German language content that truly set the wheels in motion. As the first to offer this unique approach to indoor cycling in Germany, Sophie saw her YouTube user numbers skyrocket. With a gap in the market and a strong demand for quality content in the German language, Cycling Sophie quickly became a sensation, filling a void that enthusiasts had long been searching for.

There just wasn’t anyone else doing this for indoor cycling, and the demand in Germany was high.

Cycling Sopie-German Version

A Powerful Partnership: Cycling Sophie Joins Wexer

Sophie’s journey took an exciting turn when Core Health & Fitness, the exclusive commercial licensee of the Schwinn brand and owner of Wexer, approached her. This partnership led to the integration of Cycling Sophie’s content into the Wexer ecosystem. With her workouts now available on Wexer Virtual – the in-club system – and Wexer Mobile, Sophie’s reach extends to indoor cycling enthusiasts in clubs worldwide who may not have previously encountered her captivating content.

Sophie shared, “It’s really exciting, because it gives us a chance to reach people who cycle in clubs and who might not have come across Cycling Sophie yet. We will start with 30 workouts on the Wexer platform – 80 per cent of which are in German, the remainder in English – and will regularly add new multilingual content.

Sophie’s Story: From Professional Cyclist to Inspiring Influencer

Sophie’s path to indoor cycling stardom is one of perseverance and passion. Having been a member of the German national youth cycling team from the age of 16, Sophie’s love for cycling ran deep. She embraced indoor cycling, starting out as a participant before becoming an instructor in 2017. 

However, a life-altering accident in 2018 forced her to shift her focus from outdoor cycling to indoor workouts. She shares, “I had a serious bike accident outdoors. I only survived because I was wearing a helmet. I lost confidence outdoors and indoor cycling became my go-to workout. There’s now nothing I enjoy more, and I aim to share that passion with everyone who cycles with me.”

What began as a personal coping mechanism soon evolved into a mission to share her newfound passion with others.

The Spark Behind Cycling Sophie: Empowerment and Inspiration

The onset of the pandemic brought about unprecedented challenges, but it also fueled the birth of Cycling Sophie. She saw in-club fitness attendees were looking for ways to stay active during the lockdown. Sophie and her business partner Jan envisioned a platform that offered more than just exercise routines. They aimed to inspire and empower individuals at various fitness levels and offer workouts ranging from 15 to 90 minutes that truly reflected Sophie’s unwavering enthusiasm.

They uploaded the first Cycling Sophie multilingual content to YouTube in January 2021. Their goal was to change how people felt about indoor cycling. Sophie said, “In Germany, it’s always been seen as a tough workout where the room is full of men in lycra. I wanted to change that, sharing my passion with new and younger audiences.”

Milestones and Dreams: Cycling Sophie’s Impact

Cycling Sophie’s influence is undeniable. Sophie’s online presence is a testament to the positive impact she’s making in the fitness world. She has almost 1 million YouTube clicks and a robust following on Instagram. However, beyond the numbers, Sophie’s proudest achievement lies in the lives she’s touched.

Daily messages of gratitude pour in from individuals whose lives have been transformed by her approach. Sophie envisions a future with her own indoor cycling studio, but for now, her focus remains on radiating positive energy through her virtual presence.

“Cycling Sophie’s excellent content is exactly what we were looking for, allowing us to support our customers across Germany with expert but fun classes that will help clubs do exactly what Sophie set out to do: change the way people view indoor cycling and inspire new audiences to get involved.”

~ Morten Andersen, Global Head of Content at Wexer. ~

Embracing the Cycling Revolution with Sophie and Wexer

The partnership between Cycling Sophie and Wexer marks a significant stride in the evolution of indoor cycling and provides more cycling multilingual content. By joining forces, they’re breaking barriers and redefining the way we approach workouts. Check out this article about The Future of Indoor Cycling: The Virtual Trends Fueling the Evolution by Morten Andersen, Wexer’s Global Head of Content.

With a commitment to offering tailored experiences and fostering a sense of community, Cycling Sophie’s content on the Wexer platform promises to captivate, inspire, and empower cycling enthusiasts around the globe.

As Sophie continues to pedal to the rhythm of her dreams, her journey becomes an invitation for us all to embrace the joy and vitality of indoor cycling.

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