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5 July 2021

After a year of on-off lockdown, online fitness hasn’t just become mainstream, accepted, part of the fitness vernacular – although it is now all of these things. So pivotal has it become that it’s now the playing field in which the global megabrands have chosen to play, with innovation coming thick and fast and customer expectations skyrocketing.

Traditional fitness operators have to keep up, supported by their technology partners – and at Wexer, we take that supporting role very seriously.

It’s why we create world-leading technology that has our partners’ interests at heart, and their brands front and centre. Everything we do is about keeping the operator at the heart of things, even as the pace of digitalisation accelerates.

It’s why we partner at every step of the way, not just in the early stages of a relationship.

And it’s why we continually innovate, ensuring our ecosystem of digital solutions remains first-in-class even as expectations evolve.

Our ethos: Even best-in-class can keep getting better! And that’s why we’re excited to unveil the latest version of the Wexer Web Player – our ‘any time, anywhere, any device’ digital fitness platform.


Introducing Web Player 3.0

Everything that’s already great about the Wexer Web Player remains in place, including:

  • Hundreds of music licence-free on-demand classes, covering all genres of exercise, which we curate from our global content partners. There’s something for everyone!
  • New content added to the library all the time, as well as new class collections every week, to keep users motivated with fresh workout inspiration.
  • The live streaming section at the very top of the home page. Unique to each operator, this allows you to showcase your own in-house talent.
  • The own-brand experience, where the whole platform is white labelled to drive loyalty to your brand, password-protected and monetisable.
  • 24/7 access, on any internet-enabled device, wherever your members or customers wish to work out.

But there are some great new features in this latest version, too, which we’ve introduced in response to feedback from our customers and their end users.

The theme that unites the most significant changes is discoverability of class content. We wanted to make it even quicker and easier for end users to find the absolute perfect class for them on any given day, creating an even ‘stickier’ online product, converting users into fans and boosting loyalty to the gym brands providing the experience.


Follow your favourites

The first ‘discoverability’ prong – Channels – in fact launched in January, in response to a finding that people tend to follow certain trainers, workout styles or programmes. Top content creators now get their own Channel on the Web Player, where they can stream their content. Fans following their favourite Channel quickly find their way to a full library of workouts with their favourite trainer; it’s also the case that the Channels with the newest content show up first on the home page, which encourages a steady flow of new material.

User-friendly class categories

The second prong, new this month, is an enhanced line-up of class categories whereby – through more specific titles – each category more instantly communicates the workouts it contains. Step forward Bootcamp, Box & Fight, Cardio, Cycling, Dance, Meditation, Pilates, Strength, Stretch & Recover, and Yoga. While at face value a simple change, data shows these are people’s favoured searches. This revised line-up will therefore help exercisers get straight to the class they want.

Enhanced search tools

Thirdly, and perhaps the biggest change in this new release, is the rich new search facility. It’s now possible to search for a class by keyword: circuit, endurance, fat burning and so on. You can also search by workout duration, intensity, skill level, language, focus area – the part of your body you want to train – or the equipment you’d like to use. If you want to refine your search results still further, simply apply multiple filters: endurance for beginners using a skipping rope, for example.


And of course, this is just the latest iteration of our already hugely popular Web Player. Stay tuned for more new features coming down the line.


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AuthorPaul Bowman