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Fitness ‘snacking’: How short-format content is changing workouts & workout spaces


In the latest episode of The Wexer Podcast, we speak to serial entrepreneur, founder of multiple fitness and spa businesses and now CEO of Wellness Solutions, Tony de Leede.

When it comes to the fitness and wellness industry, de Leede really has been there, done that – and that includes content production in the shape of Move123 and Mind123.

These content collections far pre-date the pandemic, with Move123’s various class categories popular on the Wexer platform for a number of years now. Also on the Wexer platform, Mind123 is less about physical activity and movement, more about wellness education and coaching. Created to support all-round wellness, these short films bring together leading experts to speak on the topics of Health, Nutrition, Beauty, Self, Wealth and Relationships.

Here, de Leede shares his views on the growing importance of wellness, the role of digital content and the delivery models he’s found to work. Tune in for his thoughts on…

  • Why you need to break what ain’t broke, abandoning “this is how we’ve always done it” to prioritise a hybrid model that will help sell memberships and retain members.
  • How a ‘fitness buffet’ of short-format digital content is the way forward, both for fitness enthusiasts and those still reluctant to join a gym.
  • How premium operators are beginning to split out their virtual offering into multiple smaller, specialist studios – and why an immersive recovery room should be first on your ‘to do’ list.
  • How immersive, curated, tech-enhanced wellness experiences can drive significant revenues from ‘wellness PT, without the cost of labour’.
  • Why digital success is all in the execution. You can’t do it half-heartedly. You have to get the ‘wrapping’ – the environment and the experience – right.

The Wexer Podcast sees Wexer CEO Paul Bowman speak to digital pioneers and experts from around the world, offering listeners insights and advice to support their own digital journeys. Follow the podcast, browse all episodes and listen right here.




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