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Gear up for a successful 2018 with all the right marketing tools


If you already have a virtual studio, are you marketing it as best you can? Do you have a strong plan in place: a clear marketing strategy and all the assets you need to maximise your impact and the uptake of virtual?

Perhaps you don’t have a virtual studio yet, but you’re looking at embracing this fast-growing trend this year.

Whichever of those camps you fall into, did you know that Wexer offers everything you need to make the launch, and ongoing operation, of your virtual studio a success?


Tell your members about it!

It might sound obvious, but creating engaging, relevant marketing is vital to this success. That’s true whatever it is you’re promoting at your gym – but it’s especially true when you’re encouraging members to try something new.

And yet, as obvious as it may be, many clubs fail to adequately market their virtual offering. Indeed, when speaking to people who hadn’t yet used the virtual studio at their club, our research found that for 67 per cent of these members, the reason was simple: their club simply hadn’t promoted the new studio to them. They hadn’t seen any marketing making it seem new and exciting and telling them why they should give it a go.

This is where our marketing pack comes in. It makes promoting your virtual studio easy, offering a great selection of eye-catching, ready-to-use marketing materials – everything you need to successfully market your virtual fitness classes and get the best possible return on your investment.


Virtual conversation starters

The Wexer marketing pack covers four key areas: in-club marketing, in-product marketing, digital marketing and staff communications.

Whatever your key touchpoints with members – whether that’s posters in your changing rooms or signposting on your stairs, mobile marketing or blogs, or simply conversations between staff and members – our specially designed materials, templates and FAQs will help you create a real buzz around virtual fitness.

We also know one size doesn’t fit all, so we’ve created targeted advertising copy to appeal to all different member demographics and profiles: there are 12 different posters, for example, and 11 options of digital visuals for your in-club screens.

Best of all, it’s free to access for all Wexer customers via MY WEXER.


For a full overview of everything that’s available in our marketing pack, please download the guide here.



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