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How Evolution Wellness partnered with Wexer to accelerate its digital agenda


A different digital experience for every international market.

“Our over-arching digital vision is to continue to develop an inclusive, best-in-class ecosystem to affordably meet the needs of the broadest possible customer base,” says Nad Myan, director of growth and innovation at Evolution Wellness.

“Our out-of-club strategy has been accelerated to expedite this vision, with Virtual Studio a core aspect of this: a full digital gym offering, created in collaboration with digital market leader Wexer, that complements our physical sites.

“Conceived as a core product across all Evolution Wellness brands – Fitness First, Celebrity Fitness, FIRE Fitness, CHi Fitness, GoFit and Fivelements – Virtual Studio is a blended offering of our live classes, on-demand content from our various brands, and the extensive third party content libraries provided and managed by Wexer.

“Together, we’ve built an integrated, own label solution that sits within Evolution Wellness’s own ecosystem – a solution in which content and user experience is carefully tailored for each of our territories.

“Wexer has created nine different variants of the platform: for Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia, as well as for three local languages. Each version pulls in only the relevant content for that territory, both from the Wexer library and from our in-house production.”


A phased roll-out

To date, Virtual Studio has launched in Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia – and to the Fitness First and Celebrity Fitness membership only at this stage – with Hong Kong, Indonesia and the Philippines to follow.

This phased roll-out allows the business to fully focus on each launch, maximising impact and uptake.

Launch marketing efforts have been reinforced by app alerts for live streamed classes from Fitness First and Celebrity Fitness, as well as for weekly class collections from the constantly refreshed Wexer library.


Future developments

Myan adds: “Virtual Studio is currently sold only as an add-on to a standard membership, effectively creating a membership tier that includes on-demand content. Moving forward, we will also launch a standalone, Virtual Studio-only subscription for those who aren’t interested in a traditional gym membership at one of our approximately 200 physical clubs.

“We will also be adding more content, including for a home bike we’ll be launching soon.

“We’re working towards a position where we can deliver any combination of solutions for a true hybrid membership. Ours will be an ecosystem that delivers multiple products and experiences across a range of brands and platforms, offering the flexibility to ‘mix and match’, allowing customers to curate personalised solutions around their specific needs, and affordably addressing the needs of the broadest possible customer base.”


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