In the current crisis, how are you supporting the health and wellbeing of your employees?

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29 March 2020

With COVID-19 forcing us all to dramatically change our working routines, how are you supporting your employees through these unprecedented and hugely stressful times? As an employer, what do you see as your role in boosting morale and helping safeguard the wellbeing of your workforce?

In the space of a few short weeks, it has become the norm to work from home. That is, assuming you’re fortunate enough to have a job that allows you to do this; there are many key workers who still have to travel in to their place of work.

But even this WFH (working from home) group will face their own set of challenges. With an invisible threat like COVID-19, it’s hard to feel totally safe even at home; some will indeed fall ill, even with the stringent measures already in place. The transition from office vibe to ‘alone at a home desk’ will also be tough for many; social isolation will almost inevitably mean a rise in loneliness and depression. And stress levels will be incredibly high, due both to the overall situation and, for many, the nagging concerns that work may yet dry up, leaving jobs at risk.

Set against this backdrop, the need for corporate wellness programmes has never been greater. And physical activity – with its proven role in everything from boosting the immune system to relieving stress, releasing feelgood hormones to improving sleep quality – must play a major role in these.

There are benefits for you as an employer too, with numerous research studies already showing how being active reduces stress and helps keep productivity levels high among employees – invaluable in this period of widespread remote working.

And you will have a receptive audience too: online fitness providers the world over have already seen a surge in usage since the beginning of this crisis. People are looking for ways to stay positive, to stay active, to keep themselves busy while stuck at home.

It’s why we have just signed a deal with corporate wellbeing specialist Gympass, to offer our virtual classes through its platform.

If you don’t yet have an employee wellbeing package that includes access to online resources – things your team members can do at home to support their mental and physical health – we can help.

The Wexer Web Player is a white label platform that allows you to offer your employees access to hundreds of virtual group exercise classes – all led by the world’s top instructors – so they can safely and effectively work out from home.

With everything from HIIT to bodyweight training, dance to cycling, yoga and pilates to meditation and stretching – great for anyone spending long hours in a chair that isn’t a proper office chair – there really is something for everyone.

As a white label solution, this will also be your company’s own platform. That means you can tailor it around the needs of your employees: highlight specific classes or class collections on the home page, or even create your own collection with cherry-picked classes.

Your white labelled Web Player can be ready in as little as seven days from signing a contract with us. To find out more, please email


AuthorHope Henderson