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12 August 2016

Which virtual classes should I include in my group exercise schedule?

By Morten Andersen 


Abs, Boxing, Core, Dance. These are classic terms when talking about group exercise. However, the ABCD of group exercise is changing constantly, as hot new trends emerge on a weekly basis.

For club groups around the world staying ahead can be a challenge; Group Exercise Managers and Directors are constantly asking themselves, and us, “Which new classes should I include in my schedule”? To add to their complexity, they also have to consider their members and their demands.

At Wexer we aim to include a wide variety of classes to accommodate all needs, and demands. However, for club groups to effectively decide which classes to include, they need to know their members and have a feeling about what they would like.


So what do your members want?

This can be a really tough task! Even when club staff – managers, PT’s, instructors – have good relationships with members, it can be hard to get both the fitness content and scheduling right. It’s one thing with live classes, which are often limited, but when there are more than 500 virtual classes to choose from, it can become even harder.


Luckily, we see most clubs get it almost right!

There is one feature in particular that allows staff to gain unique insights into what members are actually taking part in. This is Wexer, on-demand. By allowing members to take part in virtual classes on-demand i.e. when it suits them, clubs can track what classes are most popular, at what times of the day!

Andrew, Member Services Manager at Fitness First Cottons says, “Wexer on-demand provides our members with greater flexibility and variety of workouts, but more importantly it also helps us to understand what our members actually want! These insights ensure our group exercise timetable is relevant and engaging”.


Plan, test and communicate

The insights generated from Wexer on-demand can be used in a variety of ways. However, like Andrew, the most obvious, and a sure road to success, is to make sure that you add more of the classes, or training styles, that are being viewed on-demand into your group exercise timetable.

The insights gained from your members’ habits can also be used to plan future live class development. For example, if you see a particular trend within virtual, that you don’t offer through live instruction, then you may want to consider developing a live version.

This way, you are using data to drive decision-making. The statistics generated through Wexer on-demand allow you develop a deeper understanding of your members and in doing so allows you to make more informed decision making, whether that’s to better schedule group exercise, or the development and implementation of new live classes.


Lastly the stats can serve as a tool for communication and marketing

Once you’ve acquired this knowledge, use it effectively to communicate with members, which in turn, will only make them want to stay for longer.


For more information contact Morten Andersen at Morten@wexervirtual.com 

AuthorDaniel Waide