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Live stream your superstars across your estate


Earlier this year, Wexer took one of its most popular Mobile features and launched it on the Wexer Virtual in-club platform too.

That feature is Connect: a channel within the platform that’s unique to each Wexer customer, where you can upload your own self-produced content to sit alongside Wexer’s on-demand, third-party content library for big-screen Virtual classes.

Why did we do this? Because if lockdown taught us anything, it’s that local instructors have star power in the eyes of their loyal member followings – so much so that we didn’t want to restrict their content to mobile devices. We wanted our customers to be able to bring their in-house superstars to the big screens of their Wexer Virtual studios too.

And it’s proved hugely popular, with Wexer customers around the world filming their top-performing classes and making them available on-demand in their Virtual studios. In some cases the content has been created for one specific club, in others it’s gone across an estate. But in all cases, top instructors are suddenly accessible to their loyal fans around the clock – in-club, on a big screen, for an immersive experience.

And today’s exciting news is that we’ve gone one step further still. 

Today, we’ve introduced live streaming to Virtual Connect.

As of right now, any Wexer Virtual customer can create hugely engaging, live-streamed GX events, filming their top stars in one location and simultaneously broadcasting those classes in every one of their locations with a Wexer Virtual player. 

Every member, no matter their location, now has the chance to take part in live classes with your biggest superstars – something that’s as relevant for a small local chain with a few really popular instructors as for a global operator that wants to live stream events across the world. 

It’s a hugely compelling USP to present to your members, too – one that maximises your live instructor budget, even if you incentivise your stars with a special event fee. 

The long and short of it is this: Wexer Virtual isn’t just about third-party content any more. Whether live streamed or on-demand, it’s about your own content too, meaning your local stars – the instructors who have the relationships with your members – can front your whole in- and out-of-club group exercise offering for a consistent member experience.

Even better, all of this is free* to every Wexer Virtual customer, ready to use now, and simple to set up via the Partner Portal.

To find out more about Wexer Virtual Connect, please contact us at info@wexer.com


*T&C’s apply



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