Mental wellbeing and holistic health – how Wexer is meeting users’ self-care needs

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16 September 2021

Feeling good isn’t just a physical thing. It’s a mental thing too.

If society hadn’t fully appreciated that before the pandemic – and the resulting lockdown – we certainly appreciate it now.

It’s why Wexer has been actively seeking high-calibre wellness content to add to its broad portfolio of programming – a class library that already includes an extensive yoga, pilates and meditation offering.

“We’re focused on building a holistic library to ensure our users can engage in content that not only delivers excellent physical training and movement, but also inspiring, motivating topics rooted in mental health and wellbeing,” confirms Morten Andersen, global head of content at Wexer.

And Wexer is setting out as it means to go on, with the launch of two world-class self-care channels on its ‘any time, anywhere, any connected device’ Wexer Web Player.

Allow us to introduce you to Mind123 and Self Care by Sweat Factor – two channels dedicated to motivating, inspiring, calming and freeing the mind – both of which are already live on the Wexer platform.



Created by the team behind Move123 – whose virtual classes have been a popular choice across the Wexer ecosystem for a number of years now – Mind123 brings together the world’s best experts to share education about health, wellness, self-care and self-development.

With a goal of helping people achieve wellness in mind, body and spirit, the content spans six categories: Health, Nutrition, Beauty, Self, Wealth and Relationships.

Among the 70 videos and talks already on offer – and with more to come – are topics as diverse as managing stress, intermittent fasting, skincare, debt and credit cards, dealing with change, the arrival of a first child, financial considerations during divorce, processed foods, and faking orgasm.

All content is video-based rather than audio podcasts and comes in easy-to-digest two- to 12-minute films to make viewing easy at any time of day; shorter videos provide quick yet tangible tips on a very specific topic, while the longer videos provide a deeper dive into more complex topics.

Some of the most popular sessions so far include:


The skills we need for the future of work

The World Economic Forum has identified 10 key job skills we all need to develop for the future. In this conversation, Energx founder Sean Hall discusses these 10 skills – and why you should start developing them now.


The three Cs of a healthy relationship

Discover what makes great relationship work: Communication, Connection and Compassion. Understand the interdependent nature of the 3 Cs in forging a healthy relationship where values are shared and needs are met.


How do we boost our energy?
This talk explores the key tips for optimal energy in your day-to-day life.


Bedtime rituals

Sleep is incredibly important for good health, good skin and a happy life. Susan Jolly explains how adding structure to your sleep patterns is one of the most wonderful gifts of self-care you can give yourself.


What is a ketogenic diet?

In ketogenic diets, carbohydrate intake is low enough to allow fat burning that produces chemicals known as ketones. This video discusses the production of ketones that may not be found in a regular low-carbohydrate diet.


Self Care by Sweat Factor

Self Care is a new series of videos by Sweat Factor, the company led by legendary trainer Mike Donavanik.

Already a popular content provider on the Wexer platform courtesy of its short format HIIT workouts, the launch of Self Care introduces a calming yin to Sweat Factor’s powerful yang.

The goal of the Self Care series is to help you refocus on yourself, bringing out your ‘best you’ by resetting, refuelling and restoring your body and mind.

Each session lasts 15–30 minutes, so they’re easy to fit into everyday routines, and most are audio-only guides – guided meditations, walks and movement. Many are suitable to do while you’re out on the park, in the gym or even driving; while the mediations focus on the mind in a peaceful way, other programmes are more upbeat and include guidance on incorporating mindful movement – both exercises and stretches.

Wexer’s ‘Self Care by Sweat Factor’ channel currently offers 20 guides and videos, with another 20 to come soon. Examples include:


Visualization Exercise

Discover the power of visualization, creating a visual action board by painting the clearest pictures in your mind.


Rest & Sleep

This class is designed to enhance your rest, so you sleep deeper and more soundly.


Mindfulness of Breathing
Our bodies and minds are working in overdrive for most of the day, which places stress on our central nervous system. This meditation will take you through a modified version of box breathing to slow the heartbeat, increase the flow of oxygen and calm the nervous system.


Mindful Walking | Habit
This class is all about habits; you’ll explore both your good and not-so-good habits with a view to creating an action plan – one that allows you to embrace one habit while working to improve another. You can do this while walking or doing cardio, or you can simply treat it as a meditation.


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AuthorMorten Andersen