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If you – like us – thrive off new technologies, then you’ll love our new digital fitness tools. Going into the last few quarters of the year I thought I would share our favourite new products this year.

Wexer Mobile

If gyms want to attract more members, they need to go mobile. And by going mobile, we mean by offering digital memberships.

Through our new mobile application – Wexer Mobile – gyms can broaden the reach of their brand and engage a new category of members who are increasingly looking online for fitness inspiration and content.

Wexer Broadcast

Wexer Broadcast is live streaming technology that enables gyms to record and broadcast live group exercise classes from one studio to the next.This means that the best talent within clubs can showcase their enthusiasm, skills and experience across a network of clubs in full HD quality, both enhancing the in-club experience while reducing staffing expenditure.

Wexer Count

Our new tech, Wexer Count, is a simple yet reliable people counting solution. By installing two wireless sensors at the entrance of a studio, gyms can accurately measure how many members attend each group exercise classes, both virtual and live.

Once installed, data from the sensors are wirelessly transmitted to MY WEXER, where gym operators can review usage.

Wexer Trainer

With Wexer, virtual fitness generates between 600 and 1,000% ROI from group exercise members alone. By adding virtual fitness to the gym floor, operators can engage non-group exercise members and therefore increase profitability.

The Wexer Trainer is an advanced touch screen monitor pre-loaded with hundreds of virtual fitness classes, exercises and a smart workout builder too.



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