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4 September 2020

Now clubs have re-opened, it’s time to take a good look at how you deliver your live-streamed classes.

And we say ‘how’ not ‘if’ with confidence: if lockdown has shown us anything, it’s that consumers are fully on-board with the idea of working out from home.

From the fitness enthusiasts who’ve already returned to the gym – but who want a convenient alternative for the days they can’t make it – to the more nervous members and prospects who aren’t yet ready to attend your club, online is now a familiar go-to.

The hybrid future is now the hybrid present. And within your hybrid offering, you will no doubt want to incorporate live streaming – something that’s gained so much traction during lockdown.

But are Zoom, Instagram, Facebook Live really the way to go moving forward?

The speed with which lockdown came forced operators’ hands; these third-party platforms provided an instantly available lifeline. But now it’s time to re-strategise for the long term, building a sustainable digital solution that adds value not only to your members but also to your business.

We’re talking about a digital platform that allows you to stream your content under your own brand; in a space you control; that you can monetise should you choose; and where you own the relationship, so loyalty is to you, not a third-party platform that also hosts many other brands’ content.


Step forward the Wexer Web Player, with its brand new live streaming functionality.

With this new functionality, the Web Player – our any time, anywhere, any internet-enabled device platform – now supports all three prongs of content that underpin a strong online offering:

  • Professionally produced live streaming of your top stars.
  • Amateur live streaming by local instructors.
  • A large on-demand library, ensuring there’s always great strength in depth whatever your members’ interests. This is something the Web Player has always offered, with hundreds of on-demand, music licence-free classes curated from Wexer’s global content provider.


Your very own TV channel

It’s all thanks to Connect, a new section of the Wexer Web Player that acts as an operator’s own TV channel – a platform to share whatever content you choose, from classes to workshops to seminars.


Launched in June, Connect initially enabled clubs to pre-record and upload content for release at a pre-scheduled time.

Now, with the launch of our latest functionality, you can also live stream on Connect.

You can save your live streamed classes into the on-demand library, too, for anyone who missed it live – or who loved it so much they want to take the class again.

As a club operator, it means all your online content lives in one place, giving you ultimate control and oversight of the full online experience – no disparate parts but rather one well-managed, planned, coherent whole.

Not only that, but as a password-protected white label solution, all your digital content sits under your brand, in the same ownable, monetisable, data-gatherable space.

And if that isn’t enough to persuade you, here’s the no-brainer: all of this is available to Web Player customers at no additional cost.


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AuthorPaul Bowman