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Questions to ask before creating your own digital fitness content


Before creating your own digital fitness content, there are many factors you need to consider. Nate Forster shares the key questions to ask in this podcast with Paul Bowman, Wexer CEO.

Nate is a former pro-athlete, long-term fitness fan – and now co-founder and CEO of NEOU.

Originally launched as a B2C ‘Netflix of Fitness’ just before the pandemic, the sudden saturation of the fitness content market and consequent inflation of customer acquisition costs led NEOU to pivot to a B2B model.

It now focuses exclusively on servicing companies that are looking to create digital communities and that therefore need a platform, a user experience and production capabilities. As “one of the only companies in the market that do both sides” – the platform and the production – NEOU can get a company up and running with its own app and content that looks and feels like its own in the space of 60 days.

Tune in as Nate talks to Wexer CEO Paul Bowman about:

  • How COVID levelled up public understanding of the value of wellness, and how this has diversified the range of content people now seek.
  • How being based in NYC helps NEOU spot trends early and be ahead of the game in creating relevant content.
  • Why operators should think very seriously before creating their own content, as quality is key and it costs “millions” to do it properly.
  • What doing it properly looks like, and why talent must be at the heart of this.
  • Why live might be nice for the bells and whistles, as well as for enhancing a sense of community, but why it will never be as important as on-demand.
  • Why offline quality must be matched online – and why your brand could be seriously damaged if it isn’t.
  • Why the form factor might change, but digital will always be there in an omnichannel future.
  • How Apple and Amazon will lead the way in connecting wearables and data with healthcare, but why physical clubs will still be there too.

The Wexer Podcast sees Wexer CEO Paul Bowman speak to digital pioneers and experts from around the world, offering listeners insights and advice to support their own digital journeys. Listen to the podcast blow or browse all episodes and listen right here.




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