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7 November 2019

Retention. Customer loyalty. Repeat business. However you look at it, it’s key to the profitability of your business – and we’re here to help.



We’ve written in the past about how Wexer can boost retention among gym members, but let’s quickly recap.

Importantly, our impact on member retention isn’t only down to the widely-recognised power of group exercise – the fact that group exercisers who attend their health club just once a week are still 20% more likely to be loyal members than gym-only users who visit three times a week.

It’s the way we harness that power and extend its reach and influence. It’s Wexer’s combination of world-class quality with utter convenience and flexibility, giving members the group exercise experience they want, whenever they want it.

Even three years ago, when our product offering was primarily focused in-club, our research found Wexer’s high-quality virtual classes to be a reason to continue gym membership for 4/10 members.

Nowadays – with a product ecosystem that embraces everything from in-club virtual classes to live streaming, to an on-demand class library accessible through any internet-enabled device – we have become an ‘any time, anywhere’ digital extension of club life. It’s about enhancing relationships and adding value to the member experience, boosting loyalty – and with it member retention – in an unprecedented way.



As wellness becomes ever-more entrenched in people’s everyday decisions and lifestyles, we’re seeing leading hotel brands across the globe taking special measures to meet traveller demands. And those demands are high: guests increasingly expect premium fitness offerings that allow them to continue their wellbeing routines in style while they’re away from home.

Meet those demands and customer loyalty will rise; yours will become the hotel of choice for their future travels, as well as those of their friends, family and colleagues.

Crucially, hotels are 24/7 businesses, which means your fitness solutions also need to be 24/7. This is where the power of digital comes to the fore, and where market leader Wexer can step in as the ideal partner.

Perhaps you’ll harness the power of Wexer Virtual to create an on-demand, big-screen studio experience – a purpose-built environment with great sound, lighting and with the world’s top instructors on-tap 24/7 to put guests through their paces.

Or perhaps you’ll embrace the Wexer Web Player, a password- or promo code-protected web portal that allows guests to stream their choice of hundreds of Wexer virtual classes to any internet-enabled device – great if they’re in their hotel room, but also if they’re out and about during their stay with you.

A Meliã Hotels pilot with Wexer clearly shows how traveller satisfaction and loyalty can be swayed by the quality of the wellness provision. Across the group, the highest satisfaction score for an individual gym that didn’t have Wexer was 76.8%; the average score for the gyms that piloted Wexer came in at 86.5%. And when asked specifically about Wexer’s virtual classes, the average satisfaction score was a whopping 85.5%.



During any recruitment process, it isn’t only your company interviewing the candidates – those candidates are also interviewing you. To attract the best people, of course you need to offer interesting roles, great career progression opportunities, competitive salaries… You might also need to look at training, mentorship, flexible working, leadership style.

But here’s another important one for your list: employee benefits.

In research by EBRI, 78% of employees said such benefits were very or extremely important in their decision to accept or reject a job; One Medical found that 69% of employees would choose one job over another if it offered better benefits; and Willis Towers Watson found that 75% of employees are more likely to stay with their employer because of their employee benefits package.

And wellness is an important part of that employee benefits landscape. With workers spending long hours in the office, and with stress levels rising across society, the best corporates are looking at convenient, accessible, appealing ways to offer wellbeing facilities and services to their staff – a way to keep them not only happy and loyal but also healthy, firing on all cylinders and with productivity maximised.

Subsidised gym membership can be an option, but won’t appeal to everyone: some people simply aren’t comfortable exercising in a gym environment, or feel they don’t have the time.

The key is to make being active unintimidating and utterly convenient for people, putting the opportunities quite literally into the palm of their hands. And that means embracing digital channels – in particular, the internet-enabled devices people carry with them 24/7.

Step forward the Wexer Web Player, a web-based portal that allows exercisers to stream their choice of virtual group exercise class to any internet-enabled device. It’s a great value-added benefit that allows staff to work out whenever they choose, for however long they have available, wherever they are – at home, in the office, on holiday, working abroad… even on their commute.


Multi-family housing

In the competitive multi-family housing market, what sets one development apart from another are increasingly the added-value offerings: the community-building activities, the communal spaces, the quality of the leisure services.

These are important factors not only in residents choosing the developments in the first place, but also their ongoing satisfaction with where they live – and their intention to stay there.

Indeed, recent surveys by the National Multifamily Housing Council in the US suggest community is top-of-mind for renters: 83% of respondents saw face-to-face socialising with friends and family as an important housing feature, while 58% believed apartments should “provide helpful services and amenities for the surrounding community”.

And this situation is magnified among millennials who, while accepting of smaller apartments, prioritise common areas and other amenities. Fitness centres top the list at 85.7%.

Of course, just as in a hotel environment, a bespoke virtual fitness studio is an ideal 24/7 solution for a multi-family housing development. However, it doesn’t have to be all about on-site facilities. Some people simply aren’t comfortable exercising in a gym environment; others fail to find the activity that engages them at a gym; yet others are seeking a more holistic, supportive experience than they might get in a gym.

More important is to deliver a service that caters for the majority, and that means doing things differently. It’s about providing the activities users want, at a time that suits them. It’s about convenience, variety and round-the-clock support. It’s about making exercise flexible, fun, unintimidating, easy to access, with something for everyone. It is, essentially, about Wexer’s ‘any time, anywhere, classes on your personal device’ Web Player.

This is wellbeing delivered the multi-family housing way.


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AuthorDaniel Waide