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Wexer Appoints Official US Installation Partner


Wexer is delighted to announce the appointment of Professional Audio Video Communications, Inc. as its official installation partner for the whole of the United States.

Why Professional Audio Video Communications?

Wexer has worked very effectively with Professional Audio Video Communications for 6 years now. It hasn’t been an exclusive partnership to date, but all our experiences – and those of our customers who’ve used Professional Audio Video Communications – have been very positive.

As our business now scales following our acquisition by US-based Core Health & Fitness, we decided it was time to have one trusted pair of hands into which to place all our US installation projects.

And Professional Audio Video Communications is the perfect choice. It’s one of the leading AV installation companies in the US, but that isn’t all. Equally important, its team is experienced with Wexer technology, meaning we really can rely on them to deliver an exceptional installation every time.

What does it mean for you?

At the heart of it, this official us installation partner appointment is about quality of installation, consistency in service and a hassle-free experience for you as a Wexer customer.

Because Professional Audio Video Communications is the full package – a one-stop AV shop with expertise across the board of design, installation and servicing of your in-club technology.

We’ve gone into partnership for its proven skills in installing Wexer technology, of course, but it’s also notable that its services pan everything from CCTV to wifi to wireless mics, AV biometrics and body analysis to cardio entertainment systems, and more besides.

The long and short of it: Professional Audio Video Communications isn’t just an AV expert. It really understands fitness, too, with the team working in the industry for 15 years – and that means informed advice and support for your business.

With speedy response times, competitive pricing and US-wide coverage, you can be confident your needs will be served quickly and efficiently by our new official partner, Professional Audio Video Communications.

To find out more about the official US installation partner, Professional Audio Video Communications, Inc., and our partnership, please get in touch at info@wexer.com



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