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20 January 2022

Check out this 30-day challenge on the Wexer Web Player…

Looking for a workout challenge to get your members off to a flying start in 2022?

If you’re a Wexer Web Player customer, we’ve got you covered – and it comes courtesy of our dynamic content partner Group HIIT, who has launched a great 30-day challenge that really gets the heart pumping and muscles burning.


Where do I find it? 

Log on to your Web Player and search for the ‘30 Day Full Body HIIT Challenge’ channel. In there, you’ll find a full one-month training programme including workout videos for training days and recommendations for rest days. It’s all easy to follow and expertly planned, so participants have a chance to recover properly between sessions.


Who is it for?

This is an advanced level programme in which every day is a full-body day, designed for those looking for an intense challenge.

If someone’s feeling strong and wants to push themselves with hardcore HIIT + cardio workouts, boosting endurance and progressing to the next level – all while maintaining their gains – this is the programme for them.

The challenge ticks the box for athletes who need to get into top shape in preparation for another programme, too, with an emphasis on conditioning, strength and balance. It’s all perfectly designed to improve performance in other athletic pursuits such as running, biking and weightlifting.


12 unique workouts

The 30 Day Full Body HIIT Challenge consists of three full-body workouts + one Burn Cardio workout each week.

Each full-body workout comprises eight to 12 different movements, grouped into circuits, to pack in variety while hitting muscle groups across the body in back-to-back intervals; participants can look forward to each session knowing they certainly aren’t going to be bored!

Combining bodyweight and cardio movements in each session, participants will feel they’ve had a full workout in under 30 minutes.

It’s also recommended that participants do one or two Ignite Abs sessions each week – and/or other bodypart-focused workouts – to build or maintain strength in target areas.


Equipment is optional

Dumbbells and resistance bands are recommended – we suggest a minimum of 8–20lb (4–10kg) dumbbells depending on current strength levels – which will mostly be used for lower body and ab movements. However, this programme is still intense with no equipment and can be done without it.


100 unique movements

Of course, incorporating weights is only one way to promote muscle growth. Explosive plyometric movements are also a fantastic way to challenge the muscles – and this is another method of increasing power that’s used in this programme. These powerful bursts of movement also help condition the body by maintaining increased heart rate and maximising fat-burn.


Cardio Tuesdays

Each Tuesday, it’s all about cardio, with participants able to choose their preferred class from the Burn Cardio workout library. Rest assured that every class on offer uses seriously intense cardio movements to maximise calorie burn!


Restore Saturdays

Stretching is key to safely improving fitness. Every Saturday, participants get to restore muscles with yoga and mobility movements – and relieve stress and anxiety at the same time – choosing from the challenge’s library of short yoga practices.

These are also great for active recovery after the full-body workouts during the week.


For more information about our latest classes, please contact us at info@wexer.com

AuthorMorten Andersen