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Wexer announces new partnership with McFIT’s Cyberobics


When it comes to virtual fitness, execution is vital to success: your studio has to engage and inspire.

Those of you who’ve been lucky enough to visit the World of CYBEROBICS® in Berlin will know that CYBEROBICS® has led the way here, with the futuristic design of this showcase site – combined with CYBEROBICS’ cinematic-quality classes – revolutionising the entire virtual experience.

Part of the McFIT Global Group, CYBEROBICS arrived with a bang in 2014, producing Hollywood-quality content that consistently pushes the boundaries of virtual fitness: spectacularly visual classes filmed in inspirational locations such as South Beach Miami, Malibu and the Mojave Desert. It epitomises what the fitness industry is crying out for: fun, engaging workouts infused with technology.

Until now, CYBEROBICS has only been available at McFIT’s own clubs.

And so, here at Wexer, the team and I are very excited to announce that we have exclusively partnered with CYBEROBICS to provide a whole new virtual fitness experience – one that brings the power of CYBEROBICS to clubs all around the world.

This new premium offering sees standalone CYBEROBICS® Powered by Wexer’ virtual fitness studios created within clubs. These specially designed studios give members access to the full CYBEROBICS class library in a uniquely engaging space.

And so we come full circle: to the importance of execution. Every detail of the ‘CYBEROBICS® Powered by Wexer’ model has been carefully thought through, with high quality AV and great design, to ensure your virtual fitness experience engages and inspires your members.

For more information, contact one of the Wexer team:



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