“Wexer Broadcast will be a game-changer for the sector.”

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29 March 2018

By Nadiem Alawar

This was the feedback we received time and again at this year’s IHRSA Annual Convention and Trade Show, in discussions with everyone from multi-club chains to hotel operators, fitness franchises to training providers.

Why so? I’ll come to that in a moment.

First of all, let me quickly rewind to explain Wexer Broadcast to the uninitiated. Put simply, Wexer Broadcast is live streaming technology that enables you to record and live stream group exercise classes from one studio to the next, whether that’s within a club or across an entire portfolio. There are no boundaries geographically either. Operate clubs in a number of markets? No problem. Want to live stream a class to all hotel rooms across your international hotel group? That’s fine.

It’s a great way to maximize the impact of your superstar instructors, harnessing their power to engage and retain members not only in the clubs where the superstars are based, but across your entire estate. And, of course, it adds an eye-catching new option to the studio timetable.

So that’s the topline member-facing benefit – one that clearly has operational benefits too.

But Wexer Broadcast also offers a clear opportunity for staff training, and it was this – the educational potential of the live streaming platform – that caught the imagination of IHRSA delegates.

Numerous health club chains envisaged Wexer Broadcast being used to stream hot-off-the-press classes and programs from their master trainers to every one of their GX instructors – a quick, easy and effective tool to familiarize everyone with the latest exercises and protocols. In turn, this ease of communication would inspire more regular innovation in-club, not only improving instructor skill sets but also continually enhancing the member experience.

The interest shown in Wexer Broadcast at IHRSA was therefore understandably huge!

We’d love to tell you more. For more information, please contact me at Nadiem@wexer.com 

And of course, if you have Wexer Broadcast, you have the system in place to deliver virtual classes from Wexer’s pre-recorded library too. That means world-leading instructors. An unrivalled choice of 800+ classes. Inspirational locations. And motivation at every step of the way. Here’s a little taster for you.

AuthorPaul Bowman