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Wexer launches live streaming for the health and fitness industry worldwide


We all know every health club has its handful of superstar instructors – instructors who single-handedly boost member retention by injecting positivity into the studio, building great relationships with members and delivering classes people rave about.

These are the sorts of instructors people join and leave clubs for. The instructors who ideally, you’d get in front of every single member. But can they instruct every class in every club across your portfolio? Sadly not.

And this means that, while you deliver some truly great classes, in all likelihood others will slip below your ideal standards.

So what can you do about this?

  1. Clone your instructors – not scientifically possible right now (not to mention ethically questionable!)
  2. Employ more superstars – a great idea in principle, but even if you have the budget, these people are hard to find.
  3. Use technology to maximise the impact of your superstars.

What do we mean by point #3?

We’re talking about live streaming: technology that enables a club operator to simultaneously record and broadcast live classes, meaning that members across all clubs can be doing the same class with the same superstar instructor at the same time.

What better way to maximise the reach of your best instructors?

A number of leading health club operators are already starting to integrate this technology into their clubs. And you can too. This technology is now available – in the shape of Wexer Broadcast – as an add-on to all Wexer customers who commit to installing the system in a minimum of 10 studios.

If you’d like to have a chat about how this could work in your clubs, direct message me or email:

Daniel Waide, Daniel.waide@www.wexer.com for Americas & Australasia
Robert Louw, Robert.Louw@www.wexer.com or Adie Meyer, Adie.Meyer@www.wexer.com for Europe & Asia



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