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27 June 2018

By Morten Anderson

Wexer has partnered with Intelligent Cycling® to provide a whole new immersive virtual cycling experience: THE JOURNEY.

‘THE JOURNEY’ virtual classes created by Intelligent Cycling® have revolutionised virtual indoor cycling by bringing riders into immersive worlds through artificial intelligence. The tracks will show guidance in RPM and Intensity using colors and time to provide coaching as well as an experience.

Each is a full cycling class and has chapters to structure your workout and monitor your performance.

We wanted to create a tool for the instructor, a motivational journey for the member and a better business for the club owner and it had to be very easy to operate and understand: The outcome was Intelligent Cycling®

Brian Overkær, CEO & Co-Founder

‘THE JOURNEY’ has been created with this exact mission in mind from the Intelligent Cycling® team.

The gamification of these virtual classes provides a unique and immersive experience that will allow members to add a new dimension to their cycling training.

The five new Intelligent Cycling® classes will be coming to your players in July.

There will also be dual marketing available to use in club which can be downloaded from your MY WEXERportal.

For more information about the classes please contact me here or you can find the virtual class trailer here

AuthorRobert Louw