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9 January 2020

Are you keen to offer virtual group exercise to your members, but concerned it will all be in English rather than your members’ native language(s)?

Then you might be interested to learn that Wexer is already fluent in 11 languages – and counting.

After all, there’s nothing like speaking to someone in their own language to engage them and make them feel comfortable, confident and ready to go.

For operators in South America, for example, we have a good selection of classes available in Spanish – not least the jaw-dropping, Hollywood-quality CYBEROBICS, filmed in 4K and set against the backdrop of stunning scenery across the United States.

Meanwhile, for those operating within – and indeed across multiple markets of – Europe, numerous language bases are covered. We’re talking Spanish, Italian, French, German, Polish, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian… and, of course, English.

Collections in each language vary in terms of quantity and types of class, encompassing everything from cycling to CYBEROBICS, body conditioning to core, HIIT and aerobics to dance and mind-body.

But the key thing to note is that these collections are absolutely not static: if we find there’s high demand for classes in a particular language, or even a particular type of class in a particular language, we’ll go out and source new content to meet that demand. The library of classes available in each language is growing all the time.

Equally, if there’s a language we don’t currently ‘speak’, but in which you would love to see virtual classes being made available, please let us know. We’re constantly working to secure new content, and growing our portfolio of languages is a big part of this – we definitely aren’t stopping at 11!

In a nutshell: Tell us what you’d like to see in our class library – because if there’s enough demand for it, we’ll make it happen!

Wexer is no English-only platform. It’s a global group exercise solution.


For more information about our virtual fitness classes or if you would like to request a particular language, please contact us at info@wexer.com

AuthorKaren Mason