Winning The ‘Amenities Arms Race’ with Virtual Fitness

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5 November 2015

The multi-family housing industry is experiencing a huge boom in demand all over the US, leading to an abundance of new multifamily developments in many regions. So, how do multifamily housing locations set themselves apart? This question has led to what many are calling the ‘amenities arms race’.

The increasing importance of the fitness amenity

Multifamily locations are getting swept up in the need to set themselves apart with the amount of on-site amenities they can offer. Housing locations are now going above and beyond to provide their residents with pet grooming, aquariums, movie theatres, and much more. With all of the creative and luxurious amenities that multi-family developers are coming up with to stand out, residents consistently rate one amenity as the most important – the fitness amenity.

It has become critical for high-end locations to go beyond the practice of just allocating some space for a few treadmill, bikes and weights, but to offer an impressive and genuine fitness experience. Many gym members choose their health clubs based on proximity to their home and the group fitness schedule. This means that for multi-family housing locations fitness amenities have a very strong impact on new residents buying decisions – especially during lease-up.


Virtual fitness – a world of exercise in a single piece of equipment

The best tool to create an impressive fitness amenity that stands out is utilizing virtual group fitness. It enables housing locations to offer hundreds of group fitness classes available in a close proximity to the gym-goers’ home. The on demand nature of the virtual fitness system offers extreme flexibility and convenience for the residents. Providing a wide range of training options – from classical workouts to emerging trends like Barre classes with a single piece of equipment –  enables the housing locations to stay ahead of the completion with a unique value proposition. And the best part, the Community Manager does not need to support a staffed club.


Beyond convenience – tune in with technology

Currently, Gen X and Millennials are the largest apartment rental demographic. They also happen to be completely tuned in with technology, and expect the same of their housing facility. Virtual fitness technology enables the multi-family housing facilities to offer residents what they want, when they want it– a convenience highly rated by Gen X and Millennials. What’s more, the virtual system can be branded to the specific community, so that technology is completely cohesive.

Additional guidance on how to create popular schedules and promote the virtual system is also available in a way that will enable better sales results and lead generation. This empowers Community Managers to take control of their fitness amenity, even without a fitness background. Let the fitness experts back your amenity!

AuthorPaul Bowman