Time-efficient cycling training.


  • Gives cycle instructors the ability to create a virtual animated world that matches with their instruction, making a totally immersive experience
  • Uses an AI engine to deliver a unique, and uniquely motivating, member experience in every class – available directly through the new Wexer Players
  • Immersive cycling classes use futuristic on-screen footage that directly correlates with the intensity of the workouts
  • Infinite scope for the creation of new classes at any point – every on-screen journey is different
  • Animated classes can be followed on demand if an exerciser misses the live ride
  • Instructors log in to a password-protected portal to build their own workouts

Why Exercisers Love It

  • Fresh, engaging content – exercisers don’t ever have to do the same cycling class journey

  • Each class generated and be as unique as a live cycle class – so while the world’s are limited, the “trips” are not


  • Improve studio utilisation – make use of your cycle studio when no instructors are available

  • Making cycle classes more engaging and a better experience for exercisers

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