A digital extension of your club. Connect with members any time, anywhere.


  • A digital bridge
    Between club and members
  • 24/7 access
    To trusted workouts and classes
  • Attract new members
    Digital, hybrid, physical
  • New revenue streams
    Sales, retention, upselling
  • Know your customers
    A 360° view of member behaviour
  • The personal touch
    Individual support for members
  • Customisable content
    Create branded fitness content
  • Strengthen relationships
    Engage with members 24/7
  • Stay relevant
    Future-proof your business
  • In safe hands
    Round-the-clock tech support for operators


1  Planner

  • Lets members plan their workouts
  • The planner connects to all content & event types
  • Everything shown in one integrated view
  • Automatic reminders shown on the app dashboard
  • Local calendar integration on iOS and Android triggers reminder pop-ups

2  Personal Dashboard

  • Daily & weekly activity overview
  • Step, calorie & training time targets
  • Personal training reminders
  • Operator upselling content

3  Smart Calculations

Step Counter & Calorie Burn Calculation

  • Integrated with Apple Health & Google Fit
  • Automatically pulls activity data & syncs with app
  • Calorie burn calculation works across all exercise types on the platform
  • Industry standard algorithm used for calculating burn rate

4  Fitness Challenges

  • Time-based challenges
  • Can be run as club-specific challenges (requires membership integration)
  • Reps- or distance-based exercises
  • Leaderboard moderation
  • Re-engagement possible via Localytics automation

5  Exercise Library

Huge Exercise Library With Skill Levels

  • Hundreds of videos guide users through individual exercises
  • Shows technique and provides workout inspiration
  • Allows users to build their own workouts
  • Exercises categorised and tagged for ease of search
  • Can be customised to your equipment availability
  • Fitness Logic uses tagging system to find smart substitutions
  • Additional exercises can be filmed on request

6  Workout Generator

Or ‘Build Your Own’

  • Fitness CMS for managing central workout library
  • Workout library available on app, and on Wexer Pro for staff use
  • Library can be customised as required
  • Fitness Logic allows for smart exercise substitution
  • Rules-based automation: PT creates workout template and Fitness Logic generates multiple workout variants

7  Localytics and Mailchimp Integration

  • Delivers analytics & facilitates personalised communications
  • Hundreds of data points tracked & saved to Localytics & Mailchimp
  • Allows you to create audience segments
  • Data and preferences can be synced with client EMM/CRM platform
  • Wexer Mobile is fully GDPR-compliant


1  On Demand

  • Launch standalone or as part of a club app
  • Feature your club branding
  • Hundreds of classes, updated frequently
  • Adaptive streaming
  • Watch on mobile, TV or web
  • Charge via membership system integration or directly via credit card
  • Track behaviour via Localytics
  • Communicate via Localytics (mobile push) and Mailchimp (web/email)

2  Live Streaming

  • Live stream classes between clubs
  • Live stream to mobile app
  • Store live performances for playback later
  • Complement on-demand library with previous live streams

3  Transformation Plans

  • Multi-stage progression plans
  • Part of app’s paid features
  • Integrated with phone calendar
  • Video intros and guidance screens
  • Choose bodyweight or gym-based version
  • Personalised notification reminders
  • Mailchimp integration for plan-related emails

4  Web Only

Option available

  • Wexer Web Player: A password-protected web portal
  • Quick, simple log-in
  • Easily integrates with existing websites and apps
  • Customisable theme to match your branding


1  Wexer Pro

  • Staff system for digital interaction with members
  • Build bespoke workouts
  • Centrally managed signature workouts
  • Conduct Bioscore assessments
  • Plan workouts for member (integrates with phone calendar)
  • View training and general activity levels

2  PT Finder

  • Engage club PTs through in-app presence
  • Drive PT sales by matching members to their ideal PT
  • Increase members’ digital engagement

3  Club Finder

  • Users can easily find clubs
  • Locates nearest clubs around user

4  Class Timetables

…and Booking System

  • Easily integrate your class timetable data with the Wexer platform
  • Users can plan attendance; adds reminders to local phone calendar
  • Wexer system can overlay booking capability per class, as required

5  Access Control

  • Simplify member experience
  • Drive app usage and increase revenue potential
  • Membership system integration required

6  Bioscore Assessments

  • In-club 360° wellness assessment
  • Simple physical tests & questionnaire
  • Conducted via tablet with Wexer Pro
  • Member views results on app
  • Build personalised programme in Wexer Pro based on results
  • Increases motivation, and with it retention

7  Club Membership Integration

  • Grant members access to premium features
  • Track behaviour and create targeted member comms
  • Launch a retention-driving digital membership add-on
  • Enable access control via app
  • Simple integration that provides huge added value


  • Flexibility
    Access the club’s services and expertise 24/7
  • Confidence
    One reliable, trusted partner overseeing your fitness journey
  • Choice
    A huge choice of classes and workouts any time, anywhere
  • Motivation
    Fitness inspiration and advice at your fingertips
  • Enhanced Results
    Personal transformation plans, challenges and 24/7 accountability
  • Personalised Experience
    Goal-orientated programmes, My Workouts, class planner
  • Convenience
    Quick, easy access through a mobile phone


  • Strengthens member relationships through improved engagement outside of your club walls
  • Boosts member retention, with enhanced results attributable to the club
  • Maintains relevance in an era when people seek fitness experiences online
  • Attracts new members – those who can’t, or don’t want to, exercise in-club
  • Boosts brand awareness and a broader geographical reach
  • Drives revenues through sales of digital-only and hybrid digital/in-club memberships
  • Creates secondary spend opportunities, including premium transformation plans


  • Seamless integration of in- and out-of-club experiences
  • Customisable design and branding
  • Integrates with club’s management software solution
  • Optional bespoke content modules
  • In-built reporting to track user activity and preferences
  • Personalised in-app member communications
  • Integrates with Google Fit for 24-hour tracking
  • Compatible with beacon technology
  • Available on iOS and Android
  • 24/7 tech support

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