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What is Wexer SDK?

Wexer’s Software Development Kit (SDK) is a piece of code we’ve developed which, in a nutshell, allows the world-class virtual fitness content from our Wexer Mobile app to be integrated into your own club app.

Why did we build it?

  • We know that many operators already have an app and don’t want to start again from scratch.
  • We also know that consumers increasingly expect their gym’s digital platform to include a good selection of on-demand workout content.
  • But content creation can be one of the most expensive, time-consuming tasks for operators looking to offer a digital experience.
  • Our SDK has been launched in recognition of this. We do all the content creation legwork. You get to offer that content within your own app.

How does Wexer SDK benefit operators?

It’s content provision made really, really simple. And really cost-effective.

Wexer takes responsibility for:

  • Negotiating with global content providers
  • Keeping the class library re-stocked and refreshed
  • Delivering music licence-free content
  • All behind-the-scenes systems and content management


  • Deliver the content your members want, without them having to leave your app
  • Control the user interface, so it looks and feels like your own content
  • Set your own packages and paywalls
  • Own the data and the member insights
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