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3 top tips for integrating fit-tech into your employee wellness programme


If you’re looking to add a digital dimension to your employee wellbeing programme this year, first of all, congratulations: this will be invaluable addition in an era when more of your team will be regularly working from home.

For any business that has been used to delivering all wellbeing activities on-site, though, this is a big shift in mindset. Our advice is this…

It isn’t a sprint
We are all, even the most digitally advanced among us, just at the beginning of our fit-tech journeys. Change will continue to happen and employers must be ready to stay the course. Far from a ‘once and done’ dash to the finish line, digital transformation is a journey of continual learning and evolution. A marathon, not a sprint.

Yet you must move fast
All that said, this long-term perspective doesn’t negate the need to act now: your employees are already at home, in need of your support. At the very least, every employer should have passed the starting line of its own fit-tech marathon. If not, start now. Just take the first step, then learn and adapt as you go. Your employees will forgive a few ‘that didn’t work’ moments as you try things out, ask for their feedback and fine-tune.

Set out in the right direction

Before you act, ensure you have a digital strategy. Remember that your digital offering will be your extension of your brand. So, who are your employees and what do they want? What would a digital, wellbeing-focused extension of your business and your brand look like? This isn’t about copying others. It’s about creating a digital wellbeing experience that’s both relevant to the demographics and interests of your team, and that chimes with your way of doing business.

Key to this is choosing the right digital partner – an expert that has all the technology you need, but also the interests of your business at heart. Your brand should be front and centre. Your business model should inform the tech, not the other way round: you shouldn’t be confronted with limitations on your content, features, monetisation options and so on, simply because it doesn’t fit the commercial model of a vendor.

Wexer is here to help with all of this, with an open platform, agnostic technology, extensive options to bespoke your digital experience, and the expertise to help you develop and refine your digital strategy before you go live and throughout your fit-tech journey.

We are here to help you start, and we are here to help you succeed.

To find out more, contact us at info@wexer.com



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