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How 1 tool can improve your employee wellness scheme in 5 major ways


Employee wellbeing is hot hot hot right now, but the challenge – especially with many team members still working from home – is how to deliver it.

Step forward the Wexer Web Player: a password-protected, white label digital platform that allows users to stream their choice of virtual class from Wexer’s extensive on-demand library – any time, anywhere, to any internet-enabled device.

We’d like to share five reasons why it’s the perfect solution for any business looking to deliver world-class employee wellbeing, both now and moving forward.


#1: Convenience & flexibility

As noted above, the Wexer Web Player will allow your employees to stream classes any time, anywhere, on any internet-enabled device: phones, tablets, laptops…

Whether they’re at home, on holiday, in the office or travelling for work, it puts world-class wellbeing content quite literally at their fingertips.

With COVID-19 likely to have changed working patterns for the long term – whereby team members will either continue to work from home full-time, or else adopt a hybrid approach of a few days a week in the office and the rest from home – this flexibility is hugely important in any corporate wellbeing programme.


#2: Something for everyone

Wexer partners with the world’s leading fitness and wellbeing content providers, from CYBEROBICS to Zumba, Daily Burn to Move123, Boxx to Intelligent Cycling and many, many more.

All classes are led by top instructors from across the globe, too; your employees will be led through their wellbeing sessions by the best of the best.

But that’s not all, because there’s huge variety on offer as well: hundreds of classes, all music licence-free, that span all levels and interests – from dance to yoga, HIIT to cycling, boxing to conditioning to stretching to meditation… the list goes on. And with content refreshed all the time, there’s always something new to try, whether you’re a total beginner or an experienced exerciser.

Crucially, it isn’t just about physical activity either. There are also sessions focused on mental health – meditation and relaxation, for example – and stretching, perfect after a long day at your desk.


#3: Valued relationships

As a white labelled solution, all of this world-class content is delivered to your employees under your brand.

This ensures all the positive sentiment around the content is directed towards your business: your team sees you actively investing in them, valuing them and caring about their wellbeing.

It’s a great selling point for recruitment and a value-added way to keep existing team members fit, well and feeling positive about working for you.


#4: Ease of implementation

Of huge appeal is the Wexer Web Player’s ease of implementation. It requires no technical integrations, which means we can launch it into your business as quickly as seven days from signing an agreement, seamlessly embedding it into your existing websites and apps.

Just think: a week from now, your employees could be accessing your very own, bespoke Web Player – your brand, your colour scheme, your logo, your choice of highlighted class collections – and enjoying high-quality wellbeing activities wherever they are.


#5: Employee insight

The Wexer Web Player offers invaluable insight into your employees’ interests and behaviours, thanks to comprehensive usage reporting: which classes are being used and how often.

Harnessed properly, this simple, anonymised data will allow you to continually evolve your offering to even better meet their needs – not only in terms of the classes you highlight on the Web Player, but also shaping other wellbeing activities you might organise in-house.


To discuss how the Web Player could be integrated into your business, please contact us at info@wexer.com



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