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5 ways senior management can get their team onboard with digital


If you’re busy pushing ahead with your digital transformation agenda, but feel your team lagging behind, what do you do? You know this strategy is vital to the survival of your business, but your team are generally a step removed from these decisions and thought processes.

So, what can you tell them that will resonate with them – that makes sense in the context of their day-to-day role – and that will get them enthusiastically bought-in? Let’s get you started with five great ‘reasons to believe’…


#1 – Grow your profile

By becoming one of the faces of an online offering, trainers and instructors have the opportunity to instantly increase their visibility and, where relevant, cross-promote their services across the clubs within an estate. In short, they have the chance to become influencers.

If you plan to financially reward those whose online sessions are especially popular – via ‘syndication’ incentives for high-performing, high-attendance content – this is another highly persuasive point to share with your trainers.


#2 – Showcase your talent

With online demanding significant levels of fresh new content, it presents a great opportunity for team members to bring forward new, out-of-the-box ideas, whether that’s a new type of workout, a complementary service in which they specialize but which isn’t currently offered in-club – meditation, say, or nutrition seminars – or an unusual way to promote a new class timeslot.

Let them know you’re open to their input and that their involvement will be valued (and, as noted above, potentially rewarded if it goes well). Empower them and give them a sense of ownership.


#3 – Hit your sales goals

Your digital platform might be something your sales team can upsell – a premium add-on to membership. It might be integrated into new membership tiers that carry a slightly higher price tag. Either way, assuming your online offering is monetized, it gives your sales team an instant head-start on hitting their targets. That’s something no sales person will turn a blind eye to!


#4 – Career progression

Digitalization is the way fitness is going. Fact. By coming on this journey with you, your team has a chance to learn on-the-job, securing invaluable knowledge that will support their career progression in an omnichannel world. With you, they will learn how to support members not only in-club, but online too.


#5 – Service at scale

There’s a feelgood factor to all of this, too. After all, most people come into fitness to make a difference – but so far, your team have only been able to help those who enter the club. Your service has been locked within those four walls. By embracing your digital platform, they now have a chance to help change the lives, for the better, of far more people.

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